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09-27-2007, 02:22 PM
So they added save DC information to spell tool-tips in game, but those tooltips are all over the place. Sometimes I mouse over my spells and they say the appropriate DC, other times I mouse over them and they say something like "Save: 15 (will)."

I am *hoping* this is just a display bug. It seems to happen when I swap out focus items/toggle heighten, but i haven't nailed down the exact cause yet (if there is one). But, ya, I sure hope this is just a display problem, and isn't an accurate reflection of a bug with our DCs.

For now, I'll see if i can see any kind of correlation between inordinate saves and the incorrect tooltip.

*edit* Ok, I've just found one way to reproduce this bug. I'm not sure if there are other ways to reproduce it or not at this point.

To reproduce, using Hold Monster as an example on my 14 drow wizard:

-Heighten spell on, Dreamspitter equipped along with Napkin: displays properly as DC 31.

- Turn off heighten: displays properly as DC 29.

- Unequip Dreamspitter: displays properly as DC 28.

- Re-equip Dreamspitter: displays INPROPERLY as DC 15.

- Turn heighten back on: corrects to DC 31.

- repeat.

*edit #2* Ok, seems like this is happening pretty much *any* time you equip a focus item. Now I reallllllly hope it's just a display issue.

09-27-2007, 09:12 PM
it could be a fact that putting 2 focus items on at the same time causes it try with out napkin on and try with out using dreamsplitter (i know i can't fix it and yeah higher dc is better just trying help get devs more infomation on it)

09-27-2007, 09:53 PM
Do you have the Improved Heighten III? I suspect that since that enhancement line is hosed the game isnt applying heighten at all. If you reset your enhancement after mod 5 you will be unable to take Improved Heighten III.

I have experienced the same issue as the OP by equipping a heal wand.

I posted this on risia and posted bug reports with a wizard and a sorceror and saw no feedback at all.


EDIT: I have experimented in the PvP areas and it seems to be a display bug. Spell DCs remain constant regardless of what the tooltip says. However, if you reset your enhancements you will still be unable to retake Improved Heightening III.