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09-27-2007, 11:49 AM
No single class is as demanding as the rogue. You will be called upon to find and disable traps, open locks, and support the group in fights with your sneak attack prowess! Whatever race you choose for your new rogue, I recommend you make Skill Focus: Search your very first feat. The reason being that many quests scale on hard and elite such that many rogues can't find trap boxes. If you can't find the box, you're not going to disable that trap! Even with a starting intelligence of 16, which I recommend, you will have trouble finding hard/elite traps in many quests... especially if you're not a Drow/Elf. Search is more of a problem with lower levels, and once your rogue is level 14, you may have such gear and enhancements that you can swap out search for something more useful. One thing you must be aware of is that how things work in a dynamic world like DDO is always subject to change.

Recommended Starting Stats:

Because the rogue class demands so much, you will have to spend your points wisely. Depending on how you focus your rogue, you will have to find the right stats for the job. The maximum end is more of a wish than a possibility.... especially for a non Drow 28 point build. Chances are, your rogue will be on the low end of these stats, but that really is fine for making a solid rogue.

10-12 Strength:
There is just too much stuff to carry. You'll regret having less than 10, especially if you're a halfling!

16 to 18 Dexterity:
Because of Weapon Finesse, this is your ability to hit. Because of armor limitations, this is your Armor Class. This is also your reflex save, hide, move silently, and open locks. Want more loot? Want to live after a party wipe? Dex!

10-14 Constitution:
There are so many things to spend points on, but this is your health. Spend at least 2 points on it!

14 to 18 Intelligence:
This is your Search and Disable Device. It is also more skill points. 14 may be acceptable for elves, drow, or dwarves which can get extra enhancements to boost search, but if you're making a rogue of any other race, you better make that intelligence at least 16!

10-12 Wisdom:
Wisdom is not just your ability to spot mobs and trap warnings. It's your will save, and we need all we can get!

6-12 Charisma:
This really depends on how soon do you want a good Use Magic Device skill. Even without investing in this stat, you can still have a decent Use Magic device (UMD) skill

Rogues have many needs, and for these needs you need many skill points. The most important skills for a trap smithing rogue are Disable Device, Search, Spot, and Open Locks. The UMD (Use Magic Device) skill is also powerful later on, and will enable a rogue to use wands, equip race restricted gear, and even raise dead party members with a Raise Dead scroll. Also of importance is Hide, Move Silently, Jump, Tumble, and Balance. I find Bluff can be useful for sneak attacks, but it's a bit tricky because it takes time to use, and in combat that's time you're doing nothing but getting hit. Diplomacy can stop your rogue from taking a beating, and everyone loves getting great deals from vendors with Haggle!

Rogues only get the minimum feats to choose (Level 1, and every 3 levels after), so they have to count. At lower levels rogue skill feats such as Nimble Fingers, Skill Focus in Disable Device, or Search are useful, and of course Luck of Heroes, and Iron Will stop you from being helpless in the face of enemy casters. By level 3, you should have decided whether your rogue will be a melee sneak attack machine, or a ranged rogue attacking from a safer distance. Since your rogue has high dexterity, I recommend the feat Weapon Finesse to translate your dexterity into a plus to hit with light hand weapons. If you're going ranged, you might want an exotic weapon proficiency in a repeating crossbow. At level 12, an improved critical feat for ranged, or piercing weapons may be in order, but that depends on how you feel your saves and trap abilities are doing at the time.

Rogues can augment their trap smithing skills with enhancements for Search, Disable Device, Spot, and Open Locks. You will also find choices to gear your rogue towards fighting, and even specializing in a particular field such as; Way of the Assassin for melee, Way of the Mechanic for trap smithing, and Way of the Thief for a build that enjoys quick getaways. The beauty of DDO's enhancement system is that you can reset they way you spend action points every three days, and experiment until you get it right!

Rogues are a popular class to multi-class. Taking rogue at level one grants you more skill points than many classes see in 10 levels, but this must be taken at level one for full benefit. A second level of rogue will give you evasion in light armor. That means on a save against certain traps and spells, you take no damage instead of half. Since other classes have fewer skill points than the rogue class, there is a good chance that you can't be good in all rogue skills, or at the least, you will only be good in rogue skills, and not so much whatever your main class needs, except for what's in common. Probably the best class to mix with rogue is ranger, as rangers do get more skill points than most, and share much the same combat dynamics including a reliance on dexterity.

Any race can be a rogue, though Warforged have a disadvantage in hiding, and their charisma deficit hits the UMD skill. Drow is considered to be the best race for rogues with pluses in dexterity, intelligence, and charisma. Drow, and Elves also have a racial advantage in spot and search which makes them the best candidates for multi classing as their racial enhancements make up for a lack of rogue enhancements. Dwarves can get the Dragonmark of Warding, and through it gain search bonuses, and Halflings gain pluses in hiding, melee, and saves.

Playing a rogue can be a challenge, but if you stick with it, you might just discover that this amazing and versatile class is also the most fun class in the game!

09-28-2007, 06:23 PM
I would actually advise different starting stats based on end game content.

Str 8 - 10
Dex 16 - 18
Con 14 - 16
Int 14 - 16
Wis 8 - 12
Cha 8 - 14

I am a believer after many arguements to the contrary a firm believer in HIGH CON and HIT POINTS. This holds very true for Rogues; while yes Dress-Wearing Rogues have the potential to hit extreme high AC's they also are sacrificing something somewhere else usally CON and Hit Points.

A Rogues ability and pontential to deal massive amounts of damage should come from Sneak Attacks: 7d6 sneak attack damage at level 14 Rogue.
(excluding any stat-damage effects from weapons)

On Multi-Classing: A Rogue should never *splash* more than one level into a Rogue. Looking at end SRD Rogue's will gain their last "Class" ability at level 19.

Advantages from each class for multi-classing.
Cleric: (yes cleric) Access to all divine wands from an early level without having to make a Use Magic Device (UMD) check. This can be a life saver while leveling and at Character Level Cap. Prophiciency in all Armors and Shields except Tower. Not to mention for 1 AP you will have access to Divine Vitality(DV's.) With a 22 Cha you have the potential to have minimum 10 DV's. Cleric's will love you for this.

Ranger: Access to all Healing Wands without UMD checks, Two Weapon Fighting and Bow Strength (could be wrong on this.)

Fighter: An extra feat (always handy), Fighters Toughness I if you've taken the Toughness Feat. Prophiency in all non-exotic weapons, armors and shields including Tower.

Barbarian: Rage... nuff said. Greater Weapon Pro selection.

Paladin: Better saves based on CHA Bonus and better selection of Weapon and Armor Pros.

More to come....

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Wow Ramses! I was expecting for you to make a rogue guide for the contest, and blow me out of contention in this area.... not that I expected to be a contender. :p

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On the multiclassing front, 1 level of Ranger gets wand use, a favored enemy, and Bow Strength. Two-weapon fighting for free comes at Ranger level 2.

10-02-2007, 11:04 AM
The game guide contest has been extended, so show us what you've got!

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Wow Ramses! I was expecting for you to make a rogue guide for the contest, and blow me out of contention in this area.... not that I expected to be a contender. :p

I am no leader of men. I personally think you are headed in the right direction and by editing your post with in-put from others you will build a truely good guide to building a Rogue.

I am, Rameses!

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Rameses is a charlatan and cannot be trusted.