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09-26-2007, 01:04 PM
I have built the character with rogue skills just shy of a pure rogue. I also have the move silent/hide type skills. What I do not have is any UMD.

Assuming level 20 eventually, I could just keep going with ranger and be 1rogue/19ranger. Or take 2 more level of rogue (probably L15 and L20) and end up 3rogue/17ranger.

If I stay ranger, there will be no UMD and will continue to take DD, OL, search, spot, hide, move silent, (listen).

If I go with a couple more levels of rogue, I can get to max ranks of UMD with the third level of rogue and still keep my DD maxed. Search and spot I can invest additional AP as needed. OL has never been an issue as it is dex based. This would also grant the second level of backstab.

This character is not earthshattering by any means, but it is very verstile. Good to hit score ranger, sword/board and twf. Can heal and do all the rogue stuff. AC in the mid-40s. Basically a fun character that I want to keep around.

Obviously, none of us have a crystal ball to know the xxx is coming at a given level. I'm just looking for what you all think.

09-26-2007, 01:30 PM
Going past 12Ranger is hotly debated (similarly, as is going beyond 11Paly) and will highly depend on additional feats granted. If there are no more combat style feats, spells, or other class feats (eg., Hide in Plain Sight) in future mods, there is little reason other than character flavor.

I'd probably hold at 1Rogue/12Ranger for now and wait to see how things develop. There is not a whole lot of difference between level 13 and 14 for most classes. If future mods add more for Ranger, then you can do 1Rogue/15Ranger. If they don't you can add more Rogue.

09-26-2007, 02:02 PM
Myself, I would go for at least 15 rgr just for another fav enemy. 1 more enemy and +2 dmg would make fav enemy dmg +12 max.

09-26-2007, 02:15 PM
Myself, I would go for at least 15 rgr just for another fav enemy. 1 more enemy and +2 dmg would make fav enemy dmg +12 max.

+12? 4 FEs is only +8. Or are you including the FE damage enhancements?

I agree with going 15 Ranger for the 4th FE, though. My plan with the Recon build is ultimately 15 Ranger / 3 Rogue / 2 Fighter.

09-26-2007, 02:18 PM
Myself, I would go for at least 15 rgr just for another fav enemy. 1 more enemy and +2 dmg would make fav enemy dmg +12 max.(+8 base + 4 enhancements). Yup! :)

09-26-2007, 02:20 PM
yeah, I definately want L14 ranger for Freedom of Movement. L15 for favored enemy makes sense too.

I have a 15INT, which I think translates into 10 skill points for a level of rogue. (8+2). That would allow 9 ranks of UMD and 1 rank Disable.

That would be 2 Rogue/14 Ranger (at a Level 16 cap).
UMD would be:
9 ranks
2 CHA bonus
3 golden cartouche
1 luck gloves
5 skill boost
20. (or 22 with hero, 24 w/GH)

At this point it would be good for equiping stuff. Scrolls would be rather iffy.

The theoretical L18 with 3 levels of rogue. (3+18 = 21 max ranks)
Take 1 rogue and 1 ranger at the L18 cap increase.
Put 9 ranks in UMD and 1 in Disable.
18 ranks
3 cha bonus (assumes +6 items become easier to get by then)
3 golden cartouche
1 luck gloves
5 skill boost
30 (or 32 w/h, 34 w/GH)


I could also squeeze ranks in on the ranger levels, if I decides to skimp on some of the other skills like hide or move silent.

09-26-2007, 05:20 PM
I'm a BIG fan of Freedom of Movement, so I'll be taking Ranger 14 on my Rog1/Ranger13. FE is interesting as well, so perhaps 15 Ranger is not a bad thing. Plus, 15 Ranger means 15 minute buffs, which is really kinda sweet.

After that... it gets trickier. I could see taking more Rogue levels, although at this point, all that those Rogue levels get me is skill points and additional sneak attack.

Fighter is interesting, certainly, for the feats.

A Rog1/15Ranger/4Ftr (Weapon Spec!) might be a very intriguing option at 20.

But then... who knows? :D

Now... having said all that... UMD is such a critical skill that I would probably reroll in your shoes to redo it right. That's my personality, of course, and I can't recommend it -- but just putting it out there.


09-26-2007, 09:40 PM
Next cap go to 15th level ranger. The FE, and extra spell alone should be worth it. You'll also be ready for the cap after that with the option of HiPS if it's available (and useful.)