View Full Version : Create Undead Request

09-25-2007, 08:15 PM
Can you please make the cooldown timer on the hotbar easier to read for Create Undead? As it is now, the pale colors of the spell's hotbar icon are nearly indistinguishable from the cooldown dial after casting.

If you could please either darken the colors in the icon (the Burn tool in Photoshop would make it a 5 second job) or change the color scheme to a darker/more purple-blue that would be great. Or, darken the cooldown timer on the hotbar icons for timed spells across the board. The pale yellow cooldown dial just fades in too much against the white and grey of CU's icon to make it effective at all for this spell.

I recently picked up the spell, and enjoy casting it from time to time... but the icon is giving me eye-cramps trying to decipher it.

Thanks. :)