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09-25-2007, 07:13 PM
Any suggetions on this build ofr thr future? (HEs level 3, 1 of each =P) You can call it a "SpellSword" Build.

Extend metamagic
Mental toughness

16 str (+1 item)
15 dex
10 con (+2 item)
16 int (+1 item)
16 wisdom (+1 Item)
10 Cha

4 Fort
3 Reflex
8 Will (+1 item)

Hp: 52
Sp: 280
BaB: +1
Ac: 22
Armour: +2 elven Chain (someone gave it ot me)
Sheild: Masterwork light wooden sheild
other stuff.... I forgot =P
Spell Faliure: 20% (not bad really it seems like a fail almost never)

Niacs Cold Ray
Magic Missle
Hpyno (Exchange for reapir light for warforge)
Cure light Wounds
Remove Fear

Elemental Manipulation
Energy Manipuliation
Force manipuliation
The other feat the does 10% healing and neagtive energy
Drow spell resistance (sr 14)
Fighter Toughness
Energy of Zealot
Fighter Crtical (+2)
Elven Arcnium (-5% light armour spell Failure)
im thinking of these on the top of my head since im in a after school activity wiht a friend and got bored =P Cya laters

Going for Balanced appoarch, for wisdom, str and int

calsses at 14: 4fght/5clr/5wiz
dont havethen UBer stuff and probably never will =)

09-26-2007, 11:30 AM
I would suggest removing the Fighter levels altogether. With an "even split" of Fighter / Cleric / Wizard in DDO you will never be the front liner fighter (and a bad secondary one as well). You will never be main healer (and a bad secondary one as well), and you wizard spells will not be nearly as desirable as others (the buffs are good for soloing, but not much else when others have better buffs available).

A few alternative options are Fighter 2 / Cleric 7 / Wizard 5, or flop Wizard and Cleric and do Wizard 7 and Cleric 5 (gives you acess to the always wanted Firewall and Solid Fog). I would suggest more a Cleric 9 / Wizard 3 / Fighter 2, which gives you raise dead, Divine Power, two fighter feets, a couple of wizard buffs that are used at all levels (blur) and people will want you more. :) You could go with Wizard 10 / Cleric 3 / Fighter 1 as well and have a couple of minor buffs, stronger offensive casting and the ever present fighter bonus feat.

Cut out one of the three and you can do things like Wizard 10 / Fighter 4, Cleric 10 / Fighter 4, Cleric 9 / Wizard 5, and Cleric 7 / Wizard 7. All good options (though most are afraid of these kinds of things because they wont have the end level spells). Another option is Sorcerer. Cleric 10 / Sorcerer 4 gives you more SP and 2nd level buffs that you can cast faster. :) Sorcerer 11 / Paladin 3 can be a fun one as well because you can heal yourself, get great saves, and still cast rapidly on offense.