View Full Version : The Gypsies have invaded Agro ( a guild for newbs )

09-24-2007, 06:29 PM
Well, I am not good at this stuff but here we go.
I am starting a guild on Agro, for all newbies too the game. We will adventure and learn together and have a big emphasis on fun!
The Tribe of Gypsies wants you.A little about us. I have lead a guild in EQ for 3 + years and in WOW for 3-4 months or so I don't really remeber. And I have always noticed the same thing. Its hard to get in a guild and really fit in at first, ecspecialy if your a guy/ have kids/ limited play time / or are still new to the game.
Well thats ecxactly the type of guild the Gypsies are. We are a bunch of newbs, with kids and lifes and limited play times, but we enjoying playing the game, exploring the unkown together. Helping out other guildmates.
Staying true to our Gypsy heritage we have only a few rules.
As of right now, no one over Level 7 will be invited with a big push for characters between 2-5.
We would like the toon in guild to be your main.
We don't allow begging in any form.
We don't use VC, if you want to you are more than welcome too but it is not nessacary.
Thats about it. We are looking for people who enjoy having fun, and not people who want to rush through the game as fast as possible so they can be super uber, and then super bored.
If this is a guild you might want too join, send me a message in game

Velamos Swiftblade, my rogue. Or send me a private message on here.

Thank you

P.S. There will be a website up and running as the guild grows.