View Full Version : Enhancements?

09-22-2007, 01:17 PM
Haven't played in a long time and when I logged on had 28 points to spend!

Human Paladin, level 7.

Mostly use rapier/shield. Sometimes mace/greatsword.

Prefer passives. Any advice on what to take is appreciated. Going to focus more on combat than healing.


09-26-2007, 01:59 PM
Paladin Charisma - get it to an even number
Bulwark of Good - Adds to AC - Take to Level 2
Resistance of Good - Adds to Saves - Take to Level 2
Extra Lay on Hands - As many as you can
Paladin Attack Boost - Good for high-AC mobs (and good to use to get the required points spent to unlock the next item in the list)
Paladin Toughness - If you took Toughness Feat, this means more HP
Energy of the Templar - A little SP boost can be nice.

Racial Enhancements - I don't know what race your Paladin is, but any Racial Weapon Attack & Damage is good, if you use that weapon type.
Human Versatility - This changes with Mod 5, and becomes AWSOME again.. if yer human, drop Pally Attack boost and take this
Racial Stats - use to get to even numbers (Dwarf/WF Con, Elf/Drow/Halfling Dex, Human +1 to up to 2 different stats)

That's the quick list of the good ones to use. There is a "progression" requirement, that means you have to spent that many AP's to "unlock" that one. Ie. Paladin CHA 1 has a Progression 2, so you have to spend 2 points for it to become available.