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09-22-2007, 10:24 AM
First of all, I've been with DDO since the beta, although I did take a hiatus over the spring/summer, so I've seen alot. I recently decided to make a pure combat rogue with a few (4) fighter levels. Seemed that there was even an enhancement specialty geared towards said build, so I've been testing it for a month now. It is the way of the assassin. I loved the idea, but honestly, the boosts you get may as well be just one boost (the +2 flank, +20 confirm to crit for 15sec) because the poison lands 25% and then theres a save (no idea on the DC but Ive only ever seen it land once in a month) If your weapon is poisoned, then its poisoned and the Fort DC is to see if it is/isn't resisted. To make it "a chance to poison" one in four times is not worth the mass APs it costs. In fact its so useless most times I forget to use it, because it won't change the tide of a battle. If D&D ever had a "chance to poison" then it was due to alot of poisons having effects even if you DID save, and a secondary effect if you failed. I know Im pretty much the only assassin out there, and I guess it hasn't been tested alot, although I did ask alot of people Ive met whether I should take it (pre level 7 when it was an option). Most said that they either junked the character, stopped playing it, or put those APs to better use. Think of it this way .... I use thoughtburn to try and impede a caster for a short while, on average, I need to land 4 sneak attacks to accomplish this .... if Im a DPS build then after 4 sneak attacks, a caster better be close to dead, and honestly, how do I avoid aggro for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th SAs? May as well just have one boost that does the +hit, and either lower the prereq's, APs, or make the poison actually usefull.

My 2 cents, will post later on the uselessness of any arcane spec other than fire/ice, I want my sorc an acid/lightning build, there are some comparable spells, and a ton that are way underpowered compared to a comparable fire spell (firewall anyone) All the acid spells suck - no caster level bonus to any damage - example acid fog L6 spell doing 2d6/round vs say L4 - 2d6+11 firewall (2x vs undead) or comparing it to the L4 acid spell Acid rain (3d4 static)

Will test futher when he gets a little higher - but from the compendium it looks like Id be gimping him major to dice off all his fire/ice spells and enhancements to try something fresh. (no wonder Id be the only sorc on the server with that build lol)

Thx Matt - Argo since Beta

09-22-2007, 05:23 PM
If you look around you will see at least two other threads on the topic of way of the assassin.

Yes, more casters are fire spec'd but that will change in mod5 when you will need to be acid/lightnining spec'd to kill anything :D