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09-21-2007, 05:12 PM
i was away from the game a while and left a rogue at lvl 10. dex build with good disable, open lock, search etc. no umd :( (was first toon, didn't know any better) . i don't have much fun playing just to open traps. if i were to salvage this toon, what other class (if any) should I choose to make this toon fun again. i was thinking a couple of levels of ranger to get the two handed feats for free that i took earlier and start spec'ing him with other feats i don't yet have. or maybe pally for saves or fighter/ barbarian to do more damage. any help is great. he is at 10 and i'm basically asking for opinions (minus rerolls :D ) of what to do with my next 4 lvls.

09-21-2007, 06:45 PM
What do your stats look like?

09-21-2007, 07:02 PM
What do your stats look like?

What he said..

But I got to tell you... Playing a 14 rogue.. with all that sneak attack.. Is lots of fun.. and You are just going to get more powerful as they go to level 20. More sneak attack and more rogue special abilities..

Always build with level 20 in mind..I always say.

Depending on your build so far.. I would stick to rogue all the way..

Ofcourse this is coming from someone who refuses to multiclass until they add pretige classes.

09-22-2007, 08:21 AM
here are my stats
these are all base stats:

str 12
dex 19
con 13
int 13
wis 12
cha 8

the only really significant loot item i have is wis helm from dragon (+6 wis)
i have imp two handed fighting and and finesse . i carry mostly rapiers.
i went with mostly rogue skill boost, open lock, disable etc for enhancement. i went the mechanic specialty to help with rogue abilities like disable etc, the war forged repair thing is pretty much a side effect from choosing that specialty.
currently have 24 AC with 100 Hp.

fort 7
reflex 19
will 9

i have great tumble (32) resting. my open locks and disable etc are all i high 30's at rest. my umd is 12 :(
i hope this helps those "in the know" to provide me with adequate advice on what to do next with this toon.


09-24-2007, 12:28 PM
My Drow started with 10 CHA and I was level 10 or so too before I tried to counteract my lack of iniitial understanding of UMD's usefulness. Now at 14 I have full ranks (17) and have re-spec'd to have SF:UMD. I was lucky to be given a +6 CHA ring in a scale run PUG. So not an incredible UMD, but just swapping on the ring is enough for any RR items. I switch back to a striding ring most of the time, and with either GH case or if not my own regular Heroism via potions and I'm good for Cure Mod wands, my main usage once items are equiped. With GH and the ring and my rogue boost, I've got a decent chance at a Raise scroll too. So don't give up, with 4 levels to go you can get your UMD up just fine.

Now back to melee. Rogues do just fine in melee, just wait for a tank to get a couple swings in first then move in. You're sneak damage on flanking will help take things down quick. And even if you pull agro off the tank -- which my Drow does even sword-n-board not 2WF -- it's normally not an issue as at that point most things don't have enough HP left to get many hits in on ya.

If you like 2wf, then 2 ranger levels at 11-12 and then rogue again 13-14 would let you "catch up" your skill points to max ranks again most easily. And let you respect the first 2WF feat at 12th when you get it as a ranger. If your CHA weren't low, 2 Pal levels would have been an option for some AC and saves. But without planning it out that might be a skill point problem given your need to catch up on UMD. Any other class but Ranger hurts in that regard, though might work if you could get and INT tome now at 10th for the one extra point per level INT 14 would bring. [As INT is the base for Search and Disable most rogues have 14 base minimum anyway so you should be looking for this regardless.]

Anyway, your build can still be very effective at 14th. Even as pure rogue you'd be fine and contribute to melee effectively with your sneak damage. But personally I think Ranger makes sense for you, especially since that first level at 11th would get you cure serious wand usage no-fail while you're building up your UMD later. Lots of great clerics out there, but even the most uber ones appreciate those who self-heal as much as they can.

Good luck!


09-24-2007, 02:55 PM
thanks for reply, some great points are made. i think im going to go with 11 and 12 as ranger and 13 and 14 as rogue. once i get my tw feat i will pick up some weapon focus peircing or something, i still have to work out the feats a bit, but my rogue skills will be fine.

09-24-2007, 07:25 PM
make sure you pick up improved critical piercing, using those rapiers you'll be critting on a 15. :D

09-25-2007, 08:25 AM
I strongly recommend taking tc12's advice. I planned my rogue around being heavy damage, backstabbing or not(str based). I started with an 8 cha(thats with a +1 tome:)). I also was lucky enough to land a +6 cha ring, with that the +3 item from Delaras and SF:UMD Im right where he is.

Even at that level its an extremely useful skill and it will only get better. I have used raise dead scrolls in a pinch(albeit in 4 tries usually:() but this will only improve as the levels go up and my equipment improves. If someone told you, its useless w/o a +38, they were quite mistaken. Dont wait though, thats the only thing that will really hurt you.

09-27-2007, 06:20 AM
well , i did some pwer lvling last night before mod 5 and was able to get my two levels of ranger in. i took imp crit piercing so now my rapier of wounding and puncturing crits at 15 and i use a paralyzing rapier to keep my victims still while i hack away their con :). i swapped out nimble fingers for umd feat. i have 17 umd but i only have a +4 item on and no tomes. when i hit 13 im taking rogue again to pump up my umd and rogue skills. my toon will be much better at 13 since all my twink equip has 13 lvl min. right now im using a lot of lvl 10 junk :( and worst of all i sold my search 10 gogs by mistake :eek: . i will still pump points into spot considering the new changes in mod 5. i appreciate all the advice here, it was extremely helpful in saving my original toon from gimpage. when back at launch i built this toon just to get tumble so i could do the flip in the rogue vid, now at 34 resting tumble i can flip all over without a clicky or pot.
/flips back out of forums and searches for goggles...

09-28-2007, 12:40 AM
Current end game (MOD 5) is tons of constructs and undead with a few scattered air breathers. Rogue damage is nearly non-existent because we have low strength and do not benefit from any backstab damage against 90% of mod 5 monsters. So my suggestion would be to try and find some new tricks outside of basic damage (intimidate, backup healing, using a ranged weap to aggro archers to save the tanks hp's) or find a pair of smiters/disruptors.

If you can't find the smiters and disruptors, you may as well stay in gianthold since you'll be doing 8-10 damage per swing on a monster with 500 hp's who hits you consistently for 30+.