View Full Version : Stormreach: The Assault

09-21-2007, 03:49 PM
I give credit to the developement of this idea to those who posted in the New Splash screen onf Risa thread. This is a compilation of their ideas finalzied with my own.

Every one wants new content and wants it to be challenging. Well the aforementioned thread generated an interesting idea about an assault on the city itself but there were some questions as to how it would work...where would bind points be...and then how do you make it challenging?

I brought all of those idead together and present Assault on Stormreach for comments and criticisms

We finally get to use Kobold Island. House K has some disturbing news about an impending assault on Stormreach. Fearing the worst they send the group to Kobold Island to secure it in case it is needed. This can be any level quest doesn't really matter although I would make is 12-14 to keep the capped guys happy.

Once this is done the real fun begins. Once the next part of the quest is intiated you are sent to Kobold island. It has been set up as a tent city. Stormreach has fallen in an overwhelming initial assault.

The city itself is now an adventure zone. There are multiple quests. You must recapture each part of the city zone by zone. As you start the whole city will be a free roaming adventure zone aka searing heights etc. After completeling quests and mini raids you may recapture the harbor. Doing so will unlock it back to its natural state with taverns and harbor vendors etc. Next the market place would have to be recaptured. With appropriate quests and mini raids. Once done it is unlocked. Same goes for each house. Except House K. That would be last for the final big raid boss.

What is the catch you say. Well once the intial assault is triggered you can not go back. Not until you free the city of Stormreach and kill the final boss. That means at the start no vendors, no ah, no mail. Nothing but what you carried in and one small tavern on the isalnd. As you free zones they will go back to normal save the quests that are within them. Ie taverns and whatver vendors are there. That means the low level vendors in the harbor etc.

Now I think that would be a new challange. Our vast resources would not be availabe. Would put a whole new thought into the game. Miscalculated how many pots or wands you would need...tough.

What do you all think?