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09-20-2007, 11:03 AM
Posted here per others instructions:

A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my high level toons was missing a feat, so I went and checked with Fred, and he concurred I was indeed missing my Level 6 feat.

I contacted the DM through in game support (Trouble Ticket Number 312689 Sept 4) and after much discussion with the DM determined I was indeed missing a feat. However there was nothing that they could do to correct and I needed to open a Bug report for QA so they could fix. I did so at approximately at 11:30 os Sept 4. I was assured by the DM that someone from QA would contact me in a few days to work out a solution to correct the error. I am still waiting.

So is there any way to contact QA to get this corrected?


My Feats for my Level 13 Dwarf Paladin are:
Level 1 - Toughness
Level 3 - Weapons Focus Slashing
Level 9 - improved Critical Slashing
Level 12 - Power Attack (Thought I had already taken at Level 6)

Paladin Feats
Aura of Courage
Aura of Good
Defensive Fighting
Divine Grace
Divine Health
Fear Immunity
Heavy Armor
Lay on Hands
Martial Weapons
Medium Armor
Remove Disease
Smite Evil
Turn Undead

Dwarven Feats
Dwarven Stability
Dwarven Stonecutting
Dwarven War Axe
Giant Evasion
Orc and Goblin Bonuses
Spell Save

Heroic Durability
Light Armor
Simple Weapons

09-20-2007, 07:21 PM
If you put in a bug report that is all you can do, there is nothing we can do via the forums to assist you I'm afraid.