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When quests are connected in such a way that they must be run one right after the other, I have combined it into a single entry.
Normal quests have a maximum of 6 players.
Raids have a maximum of 12 players.
You can check the status of your raid timer by typing "/quest" into one of the chat boxes in the game.
You can check how many times you have completed each quest by typing "/quest completions". (Note: You must have standard chat selected to see the results.)


Tempest Spine
Vault of the Night - Dragon
Twilight Forge - Titan
Against the Demon Queen - Demon Queen
The Reaver's Fate - Stormreaver
The Black Abbot - Black Abbot

Tempest Spine
Sometimes abbreviated as TS in the LFM. This used to be an often run quest for loot and XP. The entrance is on the north side of House Jorasco.

Tempest Spine
No special requirements for entry. Some overland travel and a long climb through a volcano to a final battle at the peak against a Storm Giant.

After Completion
Simply talk to the quest giver again to restart the quest. There is no timer on this raid.

Vault of Night - The Dragon Raid
Sometimes referred to as the Vons, this was the first raid with special requirements to get inside. The progression to get into the raid is simple. Just complete the first 4 quests in the chain while remembering to talk to the proper NPCs to advance the quest. All of the quests are located in House Kundarak.

VoN 1 - Tharashk Arena
Normal quest
Straight forward kill the monsters and take the loot style of quest.

VoN 2 - The Prison Of The Mind
Normal quest
A lot of platforming, a maze, some possible non-combat skill use, and some beholders all inside of a womans mind while trying not to fall off into the void.

VoN 3 - The Gateway to Khyber & The Jungles of Khyber
Normal quests
VoN 3 is actually 2 quests. Gateway is a small instance that you have to battle through trolls to get to the main quest. The Jungles of Khyber is a tour through the deep caves that the drow inhabit while trying to beat an Inevitable to it's target.

VoN 4 - Haywire's Foundry
Normal quest
A fun little quest involving a ton of Warforged and other metal critters.

VoN 5 & 6 - Vault of Night and Plane of Night
Must have VoN 1-4 completed. Vault of Night is a puzzle, trap, and enemy filled instance that can take some time to get the hang of. Once the Vault of Night is complete, a portal will open inside the Vault to the Plane of Night and the fight with Velah, the Red Dragon. If you fail, you have to complete VoN 5 again to get access to the dragon again.

After Completion
You must talk to Barrow d'Kundarak to collect your quest reward and complete the raid. If you do not do this, your raid timer will not start counting down. After your timer is up, talk to Barrow d'Kundarak again and start over again at VoN 1.

Twilight Forge - Titan Raid
Getting ready for this quest is a bit more difficult than the dragon, but you only have to do it once.

Gain Access to the Restless Isles
There are two ways to get access. One is to speak to Zerchi Spire-Keeper in the marketplace to charter passage on an airship to "The Foothold" in the restless isles after completing "Hiding in Plain Sight". You can also use the Greater Teleport spell if you wish to not complete Hiding in Plain Sight.

Optional Quest - Hiding in Plain Sight
Normal Quest
A continuation of the Baudry Cartamon quests, find out who's stealing his stuff now. Often referred to as Hips in the LFM.

Pay off Karn Cold Trail
Just a fellow watching out for himself. After paying him off or convincing him otherwise, his crew on the island will help you out a bit by offering basic services.

Put together a Sigil of Dal-Quor
There are 2 quests that need to be done to accomplish this, and they are both hidden in the maze of tunnels, bridges and islands that is the Restless Isles. The quest givers are usually a couple minutes run from the quest entrances, again hidden in the maze. The quests can be done in any order. Once you have your 2 halves, take them to Ostler Caulstone and he will fuse them together. This is your key into the titan raid, if you do not have the physical sigil, you can not get in.

Quest - Slavers of the Shrieking Mines
Normal Quest
A trek through the Shrieking Mines killing Ogres, Ogre-Magi, and Illithids while trying not to kill any of their Wildman slaves.
Completion will give you the left half of the sigil.

Quest - Bring Me the Head of Ghola Fan
Normal Quest
Infiltrate an ogre stronghold and kill the Ogre-Mage Ghola Fan.
Completion will give you the right half of the sigil.

Get your raid party to the Twilight Forge entrance
Once everyone has their sigils you get to head out to the raid. It's actually slightly more difficult than it sounds. The tunnels leading to the entrance only allow for parties of 6, so the usual method was to break up into multiple groups and send them separately and to meet up at the small public area just outside the quest.
The new and super easy method is to take the raid to Tempest Spine and cast Greater Teleport to send everyone there instantly.

Quests - Twilight Forge and Twilight Core
The Twilight Forge is a raid that stresses teamwork and splits the party up into smaller teams that need to complete individual puzzles or combat. Once the final boss of the Twilight Forge is finished, the entrance to the Twilight Core and the actual titan battle is available to use. The titan battle takes some practice to get right and can use up a lot of resources, so don't be discouraged the first time or two or five. If you fail in Twilight Core, you will have to repeat the Twilight Forge to do it again.

After Completion
After defeating the titan, talk to Karn Coldtrail for your reward and to start your quest timer. After the quest timer is up, simply present your sigil to Ostler Caulstone and he will repair the "hairline fracture" that it got during the titan battle. Then you're all set to do it again.

Against The Demon Queen Raid (Guide by Gol)
Sometimes referred to as DQ in the LFM panel. The general process is that you turn in 3 items (1 from each of three quests), do a pre-raid (6 man), and then a full blown Raid.

The Chamber of Raiyum
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Miroc Thrice-Born in Zawabi's Refuge
Located in: Desert
Also called "The Wizard King" or "Wiz King" in the LFM panel.
Normal quest: Straight forward kill the Wizard King and take his phylactery as proof. Almost strictly undead inside of the maze-like dungeon. If one person picks it up, everybody will get one. After collecting your quest reward from Miroc Thrice-Born, it will be exchanged for a phylactery that Zawabi will accept. This is one of the 3 items you turn in to Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi's Refuge. There is no timer on the quest, but the phylactery is "exclusive" so drop it off in the bank as soon as you get it so you can get another next time you go.

An Offering of Blood
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Calyx Shattermoon in Zawabi's Refuge
Located in: Desert
Normal quest: This is a quest made for zerging. In fact, the less you zerg the harder it gets. Most monsters in here are on a short (3 minute, maybe?) respawn timer so you have to keep plowing ahead. Lots of Drow and Drow Scorpions inside. Pick up the bowl at the beginning of the quest and get it to Calyx who is inside the dungeon at the end. Note: if the bowl-holder dies, the bowl drops and you have to pick it back up where they died. Don't forget it - you can't finish the quest w/o it. When you talk to Calyx back in town for your reward, you will get another bowl. This is one of the 3 items you turn in to Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi's Refuge. There is no timer on the quest, but the bowl is "exclusive" so drop it off in the bank as soon as you get it so you can get another next time you go.

The Chains of Flame
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Jaefan Druz in Zawabi's Refuge
Located in: Desert
Normal quest: A quest with a confusing layout (the map is of no help at all) that has a ton of keys and key required doors. Not that challenging if you know where to turn. At the end is a fight with a half dozen red-named mobs. On the left side of the throne is a collectable-looking thing you can use to get an Orb of the Djinn. If one person uses it, everybody in the dungeon will get an orb in their inventory. After collecting your quest reward from Jaefan Druz, it will be exchanged for an orb that Zawabi will accept. This is one of the 3 items you turn in to Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi's Refuge. There is no timer on the quest, but the orb is "exclusive" so drop it off in the bank as soon as you get it so you can get another next time you go.

Against the Demon Queen - Chapter 1
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi's Refuge
Located in: Desert
Normal quest: Also called "ADQ", "AtDQ", and "DQ pre-raid" in the LFM panel. Turn in the 3 items from the first 3 quests to get flagged for credit. The quest has 6 sections that you have to do in order, the order is dictated by a book in the room where you first zone in. After those sections, you fight the pre-raid version of the Demon Queen a couple times. Bring your Good/Cold Iron weapons for her. There is no item to pick up at the end.

Against the Demon Queen - Chapter 2: Zawabi's Refuge
Bestowed by: Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi's Refuge
Located in: Zawabi's Refuge
Zawabi will port you into this area directly and it is a full Raid. There are many tactics to this quest - the best way is to find somebody else that has done it and tag along. Because of the DQ's horrible AI, this raid is frequently solo'ed and duo'ed by people with Evasion, so it's frequently hard to find people with Evasion to join a group. Standard raid loot mechanics.

After Completion
You must talk to Zawabi to collect your quest reward and complete the raid. If you do not do this, your raid timer will not start counting down. After your timer is up, turn in the 3 items again to get started on the pre-raid (Chapter 1). You can do the 3 item-quests while waiting out your timer (or any time, for that matter).

The Reaver's Fate - Stormreaver Raid
This raid takes to longest to get ready for but has the advantage of only having to do the pre-raid once to be able to repeat the raid itself every 3 days.

Raid requirements:

Collect 20 each of Giant, Elf, and Dragon relics.
They are found in the following:*

Dragon relics:
Prison of the Planes: 1-3 in end chest
Cry for help: 1 in end chest
Foundation of Discord: 1 in end chest

Giant relics:
Madstone crater: 1-3 in end chest
Trial by Fire: 1 in end chest
Maze of Madness: 1 in end chest

Elf Relics:
Crucible: chance of 1 in each of the 3 end chests
Feast or famine: 1 in end chest
Cabal for one: 1 in end chest

*there is a small chance a relic will drop in a non end chest

In addirion to relics you also need to join each of the 3 giant brigades. That is accomplished by completing the following 3 quests:

Prison of the Planes (known as PoP)
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Nimbus the Storm Giant
This is a quick and fun quest in which you need to get 6 orbs that are located in various "prison cells" that represent the different realms.

Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Jorgandol the Stone Giant.
The objective is to defeat the 4 champions of the giant leader but in order to get to them to have to pass a series of trials. There is a maze, a trap filled room that 1 person has to navigate through in 20 seconds or so, a perilous swim, and a test of instinct. If you can join up with someone who has done it before than it's really fun.

Madstone Crater
Normal Quest
Bestowed by: Blaze the Fire Giant.
This is a bit of a confusing mission map-wise. Real easy to get lost. The premise is you need to free 3 giant shaman from the spell of skeleton magi and have each of them destroy a shard. Once all 3 are destroyed you go up a mountian (watch out for chaos orbs) and kill the end boss.

Now that you have your relics and joined the brigades you need to turn in the relics to a giant named Crag (wanders around Gianthold). He then says you can enter Gianthold Tor (pre-raid) whenever you want. You then talk to Cyclonie and she will bestow the actual quest.

Gianthold Tor
Normal Quest
This is the pre-raid. This a fairly straightforward quest in which you need to kill the undead gatekeeper who is guarding the paths to the 3 dragons. All the giants and undead have deathward so vorpal, PK, disruption, etc.. won't work. The dragons are technically optionals that become unlocked after the mission is completed but you have to be "bloodied" by all three dragons in order to be able to enter the raid. Talk to cyclonie again and she will bestow the reaver's fate quest(raid)

Reavers Fate
I won't go into too much strategy here but you basiaclly have 30 minutes to kill the stormreaver and solve his puzzle. Once that is completed you get your raid loot(same mechanics as other 3 raids) and talk to cyclonie again. When 3 days have passed you can simply repeat the raid without having to do the pre-raid requirements again.

Black Abbot

The basis of the puzzle in the preraid is to answer a set of 15 questions related to the alignment of each of the 4 bosses you fought in the pre regs.
Doomsphere, Cinnis, Mentua, and The High Priest of Vol.

Their Alignments are as Follows:

Doomsphere: Lawful Good
High Priest: Lawful Evil
Mentua: Chaotic Good
Cinnis: Chaotic Evil

Once again the Black Dragon will ask you 15 questions they are always the same questions in the same order. The object is to answer the questions as if you were answering them as the
boss you are trying to get to. For example if you were trying to get to Doomsphere you would answer the questions as if you were lawful good.

The first 5 questions will have either good or evil answers with 1 answer not really falling into either catagory.
The next set of 5 questions will have either lawful or Chaotic answers with 1 answer not really falling into either catagory.
The next 4 questions will pertain to the whole alignment.
Then the last question is where you choose which boss you are trying to get to and if you do it right then the dragon lets you pass on to that boss.


Question 1 - Which group would you seek membership in?
Silver Flame (Lawful Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau
Emerald Claw (Chaotic Evil) A: Cinnis and Vol

Question 2 - If the black abbot gave you an offer to join his forces, what would you say?
Stand by his side as he brought stormreach to its knees (Evil) A: Cinnis or Vol
I would have to know the details first
Never, he is a scourge on X'endrik and must be stopped (Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau

Question 3 - Cinnis seeks to destroy all things that taunt him with heat. How do you feel about this?
It's not my place to judge.
If something has heat, it should be left as it is and Cinnis should deal with his hatred internally. (Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau
Let him destroys what he wants, let him suck the heat out of all living things. (Evil) A: Cinnis or Vol

Question 4 - Mentau agreed to help the Black Qbbot, because the lich was the only one who could save his daughter from his terminal illness.
In trade for saving her, the abbot demanded mentaus eternal service. Would you have agreed to that deal?
I would have offered him anything but my freedom.
I would have done anything to save my daughter. (Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau
I would not have traded my freedom or anything else for her life. (Evil) A: Cinnis or Vol

Question 5 - Vol desperately wants the litany of the dead. If you find it, what would you do with it.
Deliver it to vol and claim all the rewards she can offer. (Evil) A: Cinnis or Vol
Carry it around for a while, occasionally peeking whats inside.
Destroy it once and for all. (Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau

Question 6 - What are your thoughts on Mentau?
He seems to be an alright guy.
He and his creations are abominations. (Lawful) A: Doomsphere or Vol
I think using his artificing skills to make flesh golems is ingenious.(Chaotic) A: Cinnis or Mentau

Question 7 - If you had been buried with the high priest when the temple was desecrated, what would you have done?
Sat in a corner and cried.
Stay faithful to the lady, knowing she would be my salvation. (Lawful) A: Doomsphere or Vol
I would have ransacked the temple for anything i need to stay alive, and killed anyone who got in the way of what i needed. (Chaotic) A: Cinnis or Mentau

Question 8 - Cholthulzz obeyed the conditions set out by the black abbot upon losing his duel for centuries until you exposed a loophole. What would you have done?
Broken the arrangement as soon as I could strike down the Black Abbot. (Chaotic) A: Cinnis or Mentau
I would have immediately bartered for my freedom.
The contract is binding, i would follow the conditions. (Lawful) A: Doomsphere or Vol

Question 9 - If the Black Abbot succeeds in his plans, to grasp the power of the gods, and sir rhonine orders a full assault, would you go, knowing you would be fighting an immortal that would surely sluaghter you all.
Forget that, its not my fight, i would leave and go somewhere where the abbot would never try. (Chaotic) A: Cinnis or Mentau
I would follow the orders i was given. (Lawful) A: Doomsphere or Vol
I'd sit back, and hope that the first wave defeated the Abbot.

Question 10 - What do you think of Kai-Tengs betrayal?
If the black abbot offered him a better deal, i cant blame him for taking it. (Chaotic) A: Cinnis or Mentau
He was just another enemy to kill.
he deserved to die, for betraying his faith and oath to vol. (Lawful) A: Doomsphere or Vol

Question 11 - Which title do you feel the most drawn to?
The crusader (Lawful Good) A: Doomsphere
The destroyer (Chaotic Evil) A: Cinnis
The rebel (Chaotic Good) A: Mentau
The dominator (Lawful Evil) A: Vol

Question 12 - How do you feel about those who stand with neutrality?
They lack the will to take and do what they want. (Chaotic Evil) A: Cinnis
They lack both a free spirit and a good heart. (Chaotic Good) A: Mentau
They lack intentions, plans, methods and the stomach for what must be done. (Lawful Evil) A: Vol
They lack honour and compassion. (Lawful Good) A: Doomsphere

Question 13 - If after you died, you could be re-incarnated as any colour dragon, which would you choose?
Black or Blue (Lawful Evil) A: Vol
Gold or Silver (Lawful Good) A: Doomsphere
Red or White (Chaotic Evil) A: Cinnis
Brass or Bronze (Chaotic Good) A: Mentau

Question 14 - What would you do, if you were me, and a party of adventurers, came seeking access to my master the black abbot?
Destroy the adventurers without pause or consideration. (Chaotic Evil) A: Cinnis
Engage the adventurers in a battle of wits and if they win let them pass. (Lawful Good) A: Doomsphere
Tell the adventurers they could pass if they won the battle of wits, then destroys them all. (Lawful Evil) A: Vol
Let the adventurers pass then aid them in their assault of the black abbot. (Lawful Good) (Chaotic Good) A: Doomsphere or Mentau*

*(On this answer we used it first thinking it was the Lawful good one and it suceed for us and let us bass to Doomsphere, later
we used this same answer for Mentua and it also worked for Chaotic Good and let us pass to Mentua. Overall this might be the
best answer for Mentua and you could use the other answer listed above to get to Doomsphere as well)

Question 15 - Which guardian do you indentify with the most?
High priest of Vol.
Mentau the Flesh Maker.
Cinnis the Cinderspawn.
Cholthulzz the Doompshere.


This was copied nearly word for word from Glenalth who copied it from Matuce (as per Glenalth).
Glenalth hasn't updated it for a while and Matuce never came back I decided to create a new post and add the Reaver info from Vinos.
Black Abbot info from Catessa's Post (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=123028)


- 10/4/07 update - Added Black Abbot Spoilers


09-20-2007, 11:17 AM
Good guide but I don't think you should provide spoilers for people who are looking to get ready. Should remove the quest descriptions and just note the names of the quests.

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Thought some of that looked familiar:D . Glad to see it consolodated.

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Good guide but I don't think you should provide spoilers for people who are looking to get ready. Should remove the quest descriptions and just note the names of the quests.

I wouldn't call the brief description a "spoiler" IMO a spoiler is saying something like "OK when you get to the puzzle it's left, left, right, up."