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09-19-2007, 12:32 AM
Been picking up a lot of good gear lately, and it got me to thinking about what I would ideally consider the best gear for a DPS, naked barb build.

Here is what I came up with, what do you guys think?

Helmet - don't really have a good one for this slot... usually wear +wis or something
Neck - Jorgundal's Collar (melee alacrity - white dragon)
Trinket - Bloodstone (+6 seeker)
Goggles - Sandstorm Goggles (blind ward / true-seeing), +spot goggles
Cape - Various Greater Resistance Capes
Belt -Belt of Brute Strength (+6 Str, G False Life - Titan)
Ring - Feather Falling, Reaver's Ring, Ring of Balance, Fort Ring
Ring - +6 Con
Bracers - Bracers of the Hunter (+2 sneak attack)
Feet - Madstone Boots
Gloves - Bramble Casters
Docent - Dusk

This would be the main "everyday" suit, although there are still quite a few things that get used on a situational basis.

09-19-2007, 01:14 AM
Sword of Shadows in your hands of course, but what armor? KDS? Dragonscale?

Edit: Just noticed the docent listed, but humans and dwarves don't have a hole big enough for them... or atleast they shouldn't.:eek:

09-19-2007, 03:27 AM
Helmet - Black Dragon Helm (5 dex)
Neck - +6 Con
Trinket - Bloodstone (+6 Seeker)
Goggles - Sandstorm Glasses (blind ward / true-seeing),
Cape - +4 Resist/+5 Protect
Belt - Belt of Brute Strength (+6 Str, G False Life - Titan)
Ring - Feather Falling, Ring of Balance, Stormreaver Prophacy Ring (5 wis)
Ring - Heavy Fort
Bracers - Bracers of the Hunter or Demon Bracers
Feet - Madstone Boots
Gloves - Bramble Casters
Armor - +5 Mithral + Black Dragonscale

Jorgundal collars pretty useless imo. Rather drink haste potions for a much faster swing speed. I have every item listed there except the bracers I use the +1 to hit bracers for now.

Mod 5 i'd prolly pick up some of the new stuff, the heavy fort helm, then use a dex ring.

09-19-2007, 10:10 AM
Currently wearing. (In brackets is what I want)
Helmet - Nightforge
Neck - +6 Con
Trinket - Jerky
Goggles - Trapblast (sandstorm)
Cape - Swap between elemental and Cape of the Roc
Belt - Poisonproof
Ring - Feather Falling
Ring - Clicky Lesser restore 5x/day
Bracers - +6 Str
Feet - Swap between Madstone and Spiked
Gloves - +5 Dex (Bramble Casters)
Armor - +2 Mithral Fullplate of Heavy Fort

Weapons are Situtational but for the most part I use +4 Acid Greataxe of puregood and a +5 Ghosttouch Greataxe of Righteousness (Want Sword of Shadows)

09-19-2007, 04:05 PM
Minos Legens - Helm, Heavy Fortification, Feat: Toughness

Jorgundal's Collar doesn't stack with haste use a 6 con and open up your ring for something else.

and +5 gaurd mith fp instead of the docent and you have perfect gear

09-19-2007, 07:27 PM
Madstone boots are +4 Dex Shade. Can use a Dragon Helm instead. Just a thought. Frees a slot for something else.

09-20-2007, 12:46 AM
Madstone boots are +4 Dex Shade. Can use a Dragon Helm instead. Just a thought. Frees a slot for something else.

Wel 20 dex with the helm (12 +3 tome +5 hat) 19 with madstone. I do swap it for helm of freewill sometimes.

Could just get the minos legend and forget the dex and have 2 swapable ring slots, but reflex is my weakess save, so wouldn't bother with a 6 wis hat since i have +29 will (vs most things) anyways. Could get a +6 wis ring.. But again my saves are good anyways so I rarely use a wis item anyways.

09-20-2007, 01:41 AM
My dwarf wears the following (ideal)

Helm +6wis
Neck sacredflame
Trinket kardin's eye
Cloak greater resist asst
Robe asst heavy fort of elemetal guard
Bracer +5 str (DQ bracers)
Gloves NONE (DQ gloves)
R Ring +6 con
L rings shadows/reaver/djinn
Belt greater false life (titan belt or upcoming mod 5 fire guard belt)
Boots FF of jump +10 (Madstone)

and asst greatswords/falcions (SOS)

I know there is something I am missing.


09-22-2007, 05:11 AM
Dwarf is wearing.

Helm: Helm of Mronan
Neck: Bam Collar
Trinket: Karden's Eye
Cloak: +5 Protection/Greater Resists
Belt: Proof Against Posion of Sr 19
Ring 1: +6 con
Ring 2: Disease Immunity of GFL
Boots: Madstone or Strider's.
Gloves: +6 Dex/BrambleCaster's.
Bracer's +6 Strength
Armor: +5 Mithril Fp
Goggles: Trapblast (***?)
Weapons: Switch between multiple greater bane DWA"s and Madstone Shield, also use an assortment of Greater Bane Great Axes, Cloudburst and The SoS.

This set up is currently pretty good, once the new mod comes out I will make a few improvments and swap to a +6 dex ring, +6 con neck, Proof Against Posion of heavy fort belt. And drop +6 str bracer's for the ghost touch ones for when fighting ethereal mobs (the ethereal bracer's). And I obviously need some sandstorm goggles.

WF is wearing:

Helm: +6 Wisdom
Neck: +6 Con
Trinket: Jerky
Cloak: +4 Resistance/Greater Resists
Belt: Gird/SR 19
Ring 1: Ring of Showdows
Ring 2: Repair 15/Greater Resists
Boots: Madstone/+6 Dex
Gloves: +6 Strength
Bracer's: +6 Armor Bonus
Docent" White Dragon Docent
Goggles: Some junk.
Weapons: Assortment of Nice 2 Hander's.

Don't play this one as much as the dwarf, but he's still fun so had to keep him decently equipped, lotsa room for improvement when I can. He needs the darn goggles too :S

09-22-2007, 05:27 AM
Bleh, double Posted. my bad.

09-23-2007, 07:52 PM
Helm: +6 Wis
Goggles: Sandstorm
Knecklace: Silver Flame (reserved for Emrald Claw in Mod 5), Nightforge, Optic Nerves
Trinket: Bloodstone, Jerky
Cloak: Zephyr (Blur 20% Miss Chance), Hellfire Cloak, Jungle Cloak
Chest: AcidGaurd Robe of Heavy Fortification, Null Cloth Gown
Bracers: Demonic Consort
Gloves: Bramblecasters
Ring 1: +4 Resistance
Ring 2: Greater False Life, +13 Balance & Jump, Greater Elemental Resistances, Feathers, Djinn, Seal of Earth
Belt: Lionhead Belt Buckle
Boots: Madstone, Dustless Step, Spikey, Firestorm Greeves

09-29-2007, 12:00 PM
Helmet - Minos Legens
Neck - Scourge Chocker
Trinket - Litany of the dead +1 hit damage and all stats stacks with other items
Goggles - Sandstorm Goggles
Cape - +5 protection and resists
Belt - +6 con
Ring - proof against poison of sr 19
Ring - disease immunity of greater false life
Bracers - +6 str
boots - madstone
Gloves - Bramble Casters
Armour - maralith chain for +6 seeker

Updated for some new stuff

10-17-2007, 05:20 PM
Ideal Gear Set;

Head: Minos Legens [ Toughness Feat : Heavy Fortification ]
Eyes: *Sandstorm Goggles [ True Seeing, Blindness Ward ]
Neck: +6 CON Necklace / Silver Flame Talisman [ 3rd Stage ]
Trinket: Kardin's Eye [ +5 all resists ] / Bloodstone [ +6 Seeker ]
Body: +5 Lesser Lightning Guard Mithral Chain Shirt of Stability
Cloak: Greater Resistance Cloaks [ all elements ] / Cloak of the Zephyr
Waist: *Belt of Brute Strength [ +6 STR , Greater False Life ]
Arms: *Bracers of the Demon's Consort / Ethereal Bracers
Hands: +6 DEX Gloves / Bramble Casters
Feet: *Madstone Boots [ 20% striders, Madstone Rage 1/day, ]
Finger1: Disease Immunity Ring of Protection +5
Finger2: Ring of Shadows / Ring of Balance / Reavers Ring /

Weapon1: +5 Shock Dwarven Axe of Backstabbing / +2 Dwarven Axe of Pure Good
Weapon2: +5 Shock Dwarven Axe of Tendon Slice [ 2% ] / +1 Vorpal Dwarven Axe

[ My Dream ]
Weapon1: Sever / Phosphor
Weapon2: Sever / Phosphor

10-22-2007, 01:32 AM
Dream gear for a true neutral human barbarian.

helmet, minos legend
goggles, sandstorm goggles
trinket, litany of the dead
necklace, con 6
armour, marilith chain armour(seeker 6)
gloves, bramble casters
belt, belt of brute strength( 6 str and greater false life)
braces, braces of the hunter
ring one, wisdom 6
ring two, resistance 4
cloak, cloak of zephyr
boots, madstone boots
Weapons, SOS, cloudburst and a bunch of greater bane greataxes

Apostil cleric
Nightforge dwavern fighter
Da'var battlerager barbarian

Edited once due to a mistake.

10-22-2007, 09:49 AM
Head: Minos Legends
Goggles: Sandstorm Goggles
Neck: Scourge Choker or Emerald Claw Fearsome
Trinket: Bloodstone
Body: +5 Mithril Full Plate
Cloak: +4 Resistance or Greater Resist
Waist: Belt of Brute Strength
Arms: Bracers of Demon's Consort or Ethereal Bracers
Hands: Backstabbers Gloves
Feet: Madstone Boots
Ring1: Con +6 with False Life Clickie
Ring2: Cha +5 (Get Silver Flame Pots and it will make sense)

Weapons: Sword of Shadows/Flaming Greater Undead Bane/Other stuff

That is what I wear pretty much all the time.


10-25-2007, 10:17 PM
Head: Minos Legends
Goggles: Blindess Immunity Spot 13 Goggles
Neck: +5 wisdom
Trinket: Bloodstone
Body: +3 Acid Guard Mithral Breastblate of Spearblock (Black Scale eventually)
Cloak: +4 Resistance or Greater Resist
Waist: Greater False Life Belt
Arms: +5 Strength Bracers (+6 when level cap increase)
Hands: Backstabbers Gloves
Feet: striding/feather falling, waiting to get Madstone Boots
Ring1: Con 6 ring
Ring2: Disease Immunity SR 19

This is currently what I am wearing on my barb.

10-26-2007, 08:06 AM
Updated Gears:

Helmet - Minos Legens (http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z167/TheCataclysm/DDOitems/MinosLegens.jpg)
Neck - +6 Con
Trinket - Litany of the Dead (http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s220/jgould2005/DDO/Items/LitanyoftheDead.jpg)
Goggles - Mentau Goggles (http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s220/jgould2005/DDO/Items/MentausGoggles.jpg)
Cloak - +4 Resist
Belt - Belt of Brute Strength (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/CJGMURPG/DDOitems/BeltofBruteStrength.jpg)
Rings - Ring of Balance (http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s220/jgould2005/DDO/Items/RingofBalance.jpg), Ring of Stormreaver Prophecy (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/CJGMURPG/DDOitems/RingoftheStormreaverProphecy.jpg)
Bracers - Still nothing good: Steady Handed Armbands (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/CJGMURPG/DDOitems/SteadyHandedArmbands.jpg)
Feet - Madstone Boots (http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s220/jgould2005/DDO/Items/MadstoneBoots.jpg)
Gloves - Bramble-Casters (http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s220/jgould2005/DDO/Items/Bramble-Casters.jpg)
Armor - Black Dragonscale Armor (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/CJGMURPG/DDOitems/BlackDragonscaleArmor.jpg)

Load of other junk i swap in here and there.. This is the most commonly worn things.