View Full Version : If not Player made Content How about Content made From player Written stories?

09-18-2007, 08:53 AM
Rather than player created content how about story submissions from players in a contest with one being chosen to have a dungeon or multiple dungeons created by the devs. This keeps all the problems of player created content out of the way, but still allows players to add something to the game that is a bit more permanent that player run events.

Submissions could be judged by WoTC and Keith Baker to meet certain requirements for the Eberron setting or the rules could be written down in detail before the contest begins and Turbine can judge for themselves. Spells given to mobs would have to be from the current available spells in the game as well as weapons and other gear attributed to them.

However they decide to do it I think this would present a lot fewer problems than the idea of player made dungeons from a programming tool set. It would certainly get a lot of submissions, but following the standard submission rules for manuscripts or submissions to Dungeon magazine should help keep things well organized. If they don't have it all correct the submission is rejected without being read and the player(s) will have to redo it and re-submit.

It would be nice to see it become a monthly contest or at least every 6 months with 2 to 4 player written stories being chosen to be added to the game each year. RP groups ( or any other group ) could submit a cooperative story. I think it would generate a lot of interest and keep people interested to see their ideas become a reality within the game.

Judging is simply based on does the story fit the setting and is it something we can currently put in the game based on what already exists in the game. It is not necessarily the best written story, but the one the devs feel they can do the most with too.

09-18-2007, 09:40 AM
MysticTheurge organized just such a process for quest creation. Over 3 months, he posted and people contributed ideas/voted. It's a shame if it never gets recognized or used by Developers.

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09-18-2007, 09:47 AM
I don't know how often they could do this as they probably already have story lines planned that they are working towards, but it is a good idea. Even if they only try such a contest once and see what the response was it would be a fun way for the creative players to contribute to the game...and who knows, it may teach Turbine a thing or two about what the players would and would not like to see.