View Full Version : Dwarven Sorcerer? Lil help please.

09-17-2007, 03:08 PM
Im thinking about a Sorc with a little meat on his bones...I know there is a hit to CHA, but how bad is that really going to hurt? -1 to DC on some spells, slightly less SP? Except compared to Drow who can start with 20, it doesnt look so bad.
With the extra con, a toughness, and the dwarf toughness line, thats nearly an extra mage's worth of hit points..considerably more durable.

How much benefit would there be to take one of cleric, and open the Dwarven Faith enhancement, and get the cleric SP?

Or if you want to go crazy with it roll a battle sorc with 2 of pally, and get a +10 CHA bonus to saves...not for me but I am really thinking about rolling the Ugliest Sorc on the Server, pure class, maybe one of cleric if it looks good.

Any ideas guys? Thanks

09-17-2007, 03:13 PM
13-14 Sorc
95 SPell Points from Level
10 from CHR Mod
105 Spell Points

Level 1 Cleric
50 Spell Points
--- Bonus from WIS (Probobly 0 ona Sorc)
45 Dwarven Faith Enh for 6 Action Points

Morale of the story; taking 1 level of Cleric on a Sorc for SPell Points doesnt work.

09-17-2007, 03:19 PM
If you do anything other than max out charisma I'd go with a min-casting charisma and focus on damage rather than DC based spells. For that kind of build WF and Dwarves work great.

If you want to land spells and focus on CC it takes a bit more than just having charisma, and when you start using enhancements and feats to get tougher you further erode your CC casting so it tends not to work out too well. Damage casting is generaly less of an investment overall.

Generaly if I was looking at a dwarf Sorc I'd be looking at WF first as self healing is going to trump anything the dwarf brings to the table.

With CC sorcerers I'm not sure there is a need for massively great saving throws or massive HP etc.. Nice to have but not really integral to what a sorcerer does when they focus on high charisma.

I wouldn't splash cleric for extra mana, it can work but I don't think the trade offs are quite worth while. I did make a build like that here however because someone requested it so you might want to check out the comments on it.

09-17-2007, 03:30 PM
Yeah it doesnt look like multi-classing is going to work here...

I think a Dwarf 14 Sorc starting with 16 CHA and 17 CON or so will hold his own just fine.

All the AP for Dwarven Faith AND the toughness line is just too expensive.

I just like the idea of having something different than everyone else, there are hardly even any dwarf wizards let alone sorcs.

09-17-2007, 03:48 PM
I say roll with it. Have fun. It may be worth taking that 1 level of bard in the beginning. This way you can take focusing chant as your spell and easily get to a 35 umd. Now you can have 300hp, and keep yourself alive reliably. Heal scrolls on a 5 or better isn't bad. Especially since you would use them around 120hps. If money isnt an issue you have alot of survivability.

You also get those two bard songs for that uh-oh moment. You lose out on that 7th level spell, but their isn't one that is all that great that ties into the strengths of this build.

I would focus on conjuration and evocation.

This gets you CC that bypasses SR and works on the undead (web / glitterdust), and your direct damage spells (wall of fire, scorching ray, fireball, cone of cold).

Glitterdust + Wall of Fire +Displacement +Stoneskin = Stand at ground zero and watch them burn.