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09-16-2007, 03:59 PM
Alright, interested in hearing the most used spells YOU cast and give a brief reason for using them. Create a list like mine.

Resist energies - Self Buff / party
Jump - Self Buff / party
Haste - self buff / party
Wall of Fire - general purpose
Stone Skin - self buff / party
Teleport - self
Greater Heroism - self buff / party
Phantasmal Killer - instant death spell
Dominate Person - crowd control - solo
Flesh to Stone - mobs with high saves or immunte to instant death, gianthold tor
Blurr - self buff / party
Otto's Sphere of Dancing - crowd control - gives fighters something to do :)
Enervation - reduce mobs with high saves
Scortching Ray - quick undead killer
Displacement - self buff / party

09-16-2007, 05:39 PM
You asked for our *most used spells*, so here are mine:

Buff (these are always used):
Greater Heroism

Damage/Crowd Control (these are *most* used):

I cast a lot of other spells for both buffing and damage/crowd control but those are the most used ones.

EDIT: Oh yeah...and Teleport because I'm lazy and never walk anywhere on my sorcerer, rogue or either bard. Wizard isn't high enough level yet to use, but she will! :P

09-16-2007, 05:44 PM
It used to be PK ad POD, Until I discovered how much cheaper it was to Cast Hold Person - Mass, Flesh to Stone and Hold Monster and get the same effect. When level 8 spells come out I am sure my Most used spell will be Hold Monster - Mass will be my most used.

09-17-2007, 10:59 AM
It used to be PK ad POD, Until I discovered how much cheaper it was to Cast Hold Person - Mass, Flesh to Stone and Hold Monster and get the same effect. When level 8 spells come out I am sure my Most used spell will be Hold Monster - Mass will be my most used.

Mass Hold Monster is a level 9 spell.

09-17-2007, 01:12 PM

GH, resists, jump, shield, stoneskin, haste, displacement

wall of fire, cone of cold, finger of death, hold monster, scorching ray

09-17-2007, 01:28 PM
I don't hae a sorc but my wife runs one...

Finger of Death <When it needs to die NOW>
Flesh to Stone <Like Hold but it lasts longer and effects more targets>
Enervation <Awesome for tough targets and getting FtS to stay in place>
Hold Monster <For those with weak wills and strong fort>
Firewall <For choke points to save mana and hold agro.>
Solid Fog <For solo play and movement control>

Greater Heroism
Haste <To outrun monsters>
Jump <To avoid getting hit while running around>

09-18-2007, 05:38 AM
Personally, I still use web at time unless mob has casters with freedom of movement spell. It is a good AOE spell that is difficult to save against.
mass Hold is awesome. saves lots of SP for clerics and casters in quests like cabal or feast.
PK... cause I got mass hold instead of FOD
Flesh to Stone... cause hold does not work well on casters
Enervation... cause some orange names have very good saves
hypno... Cause it casts fast and its AOE
Scorching Ray... gotta do some damage fast
Disintergrate... Lots of damage fast, even against golems
Hold Monster.. cause its better than PK vs melee mob
Cone of Cold... cause fire creatures gotta die too
Haste... cause time is Loot.

09-18-2007, 08:42 AM
Spells I use the most

Buffs- blur, jump, resist, haste for battles

control - dominate person, charm monster, flesh to stone, command undead

death- enervate, pk, fod

gets me through almost everything....

with not so strong melee I also use the old firewal at times, but rarely.

09-18-2007, 10:40 AM
Spells Cow uses often:

Jump: Because mobility is one of the greatest damage mitigators of the game.
Nightshield: Frees up needing a resistance item and stops magic missiles/force missiles.
Resist Energy: Spectacular buffer against elemental damage.
Haste: I'm an addict on mobility so I have this on a lot. Other folks like it for the attack speed. The whole group easily benefits. :)
Rage: I recently got the spell and the extra HP has saved my life a few times. The leading cause of death is -10 HP anyways.
Stoneskin: Helps keep me alive, and other people when cast upon them.
Displacement: If I am soloing or duoing I will use this spell (especially soloing). For those times I am being whacked or sniped it offers another form of damage prevention.
Knock: I don't journey with lockpickers often so this spell gets a fair amount of use.
Break Enchantment: It is my dispel. Now that it no longer strips off buffs it is quite useful to ditch enemy area of effect spells and get that person to stop doing the can-can for 50+ seconds. Also, it helps shrink down charmed armies when you need to dispatch them.
Suggestion: A single charmed enemy makes a wonderful distraction (so long as you don't call attention to yourself before you charm something).
Mass Suggestion: A mass scale distraction. Also, being it is on the same timer as a haste or displacement, it can be fairly easy to time.
Reconstruction: My bread and butter survival spell at higher levels. Typically brings me from nearly no life to full life in a heart beat.
Otto's Resistable Dance: Its a low cost single target crowd control with a wonderful animation. Its also on a fixed 3-second per caster level timer so it lasts a good while in the upper levels.

Cloudkill: Even with the new mod I still find several places that this spell has uses (moreso soloing than grouping, but I solo a fair amount). It is a cheap way to typically ensure death on something that isn't moving or when large groups of foes cluster causing them to stop (with the new AI pathing, this happens frequently).
Finger of Death: Primarily for air elementals or times I know I can just toss SP out with little penalty. I HATE air elementals.
Wall of Fire: A massive burning wall of fire makes things not immune to fire burn to death in seconds. Its pure bliss.
Solid Fog: A staple for slowing things when soloing and to slow down red-named bosses.

Things I scroll often:
Ray of Enfeeblement for bosses. Bosses are not immune to fatigue/exhaustion.
Dimension Door. I still have a large stack in my bank for the time being. Its a dungeon lifesaver.

Spells I have I don't use much:
Contagion: Well, I have reasons why I have it, but I don't use it much for questing.
Web: Typically a last resort when all of my other spells fail to have any use (like on iron golems and blackbone skeletons).
Hold Monster: *Shrugs* I guess I prefer to make things dance and know they will be out of the picture for 42 seconds rather than having reoccurring 2 second saves, or just finger them to death.

09-18-2007, 11:22 AM
Mass Hold Monster is a level 9 spell.

Eeeek!!!!!... You are correct

09-18-2007, 11:50 AM
Reading the other posts, it looks like many of us sorcerers use a large percentage of our meager spell selection. I find myself using 75% or so of my spells constantly. The other 25%ish are special use.

Buffs: (I use these a lot)
mage armor, shield, resists, blur, jump, displacement ,haste, prot energy
GH from scrolls in tough spots or to self buff to raise UMD for hard scrolls.
stoneskin wands and scrolls as needed.

Dancing sphere - probably my most used non-buff. Awesome crowd control and attacking them does not break it like hypno pattern.
Hold monster - one of my three backups if something saves the sphere. Swap to dual wield puncture daggers and even a mage can look like Benni Hana!
Flesh to stone - another of my backups to the sphere. Great alternate to will based spells. Great against stuff that respawns. You can even just leave stuff there and if they save later no big deal, they would have respawned anyway.
Charm monster - using this a bit less lately. Mostly when I just feel like making an army or I'm short maning (or soloing) where I know I'll get squished without help.
(Web and solid fog get occasional use.)
(Dispel gets occasional use for removing charms when needed.)

Direct attack:
Cloud kill - when not in a zerg group, this gets lots of use and is cast in the dancing sphere. Great for killing stuff while hiding around the corner.
PK - mostly used when the group is zerging. Also a handy save if a mob breaks out of the dancing sphere.
Firewall - this gets a ton of use from me, even things that are resistance because I can cast other things while they continue to cook or cast and hid around the corner for a while.
Cone of cold. - fire mephits. Need I say more?
Scorching ray - nice, fast damage
Magic missile - the old standby. still good for fast damage, alternate with scorching ray cool down timers.
Disintegrate - (used a bit less) seems like a lot of mobs save for reduced damage, but good when things are immune to low level spells.

09-18-2007, 12:56 PM
I'm rich so I use Greater Heroism scrolls. I use Enervation scrolls as well at times.

Mainly I use:
Haste, Jump, Shield/Nightshield, Resistances and select Displacements for buffs (I don't bother with Blur).

FoD & PK are my mainstays for single targets, but I'll use Scorching Ray on the high Spell Resistance monsters (never takes more than 2 for the kill and usually 1 and a magic missile). On rare occassions, I'll use a Hold Monster and only if they get too close and my FoD/PK is on timer.

I use WoF for crowd killing. Typically, I'll stick a fighter type in a doorway to shield block. Isn't that what they're there for anyway? If it's out in the open, I'll drop a web or solid fog and WoF to hold and burn them.

For crowd control and depending on the situation I'll either use Hypno Pattern/Web or Suggestion/Mass Suggestion.

Of course, when favor grinding, you just need to run around Fireballing/Sorching Raying everything in sight.

09-22-2007, 06:21 AM
Call me crazy, but I've had a lot of fun lately with pure sorc DPS goodness waiting for the mod5 changes:

Cone of Cold
Wall of Fire
Delayed Blast Fireball
Scorching Ray
Mass Suggestion


Other spells not as important:
Symbol of Fear (trying it out, its fun in DQ flagging)
Fireball (meh)
Hypno Pattern - soon I'm going to have to charm my army of slimes instead
Dimension Door

Greater Heroism is from clickies

09-22-2007, 09:25 AM
Won't list all my spells as there mostly the same as other ppl.

But top ones:
Haste: Yea don't play my sorc without haste, require function as such i cast it every 2 minuits or more often if lots of melee around.
Wall of Fire: Most SP efficient way to kill lots of mobs so can't go wrong with this awesome spell.

One I haven't seen mentioned that I think is awesome:
Fireshield (cold version usually): I keep this up almost all the time too. Great bit of xtra dmg while standing in my wall of fire, as well as reducing all the fire dmg taken by 50%. If fire imune things are in my wall of fire too, it can even kill them as they hit me, as they will take double dmg from my shield.

09-22-2007, 09:52 AM
Greater Hero
Resist Energy

Scorching Ray
Hold Monster
Charm Monster

Mass Hold Monster
Dim Door
Greater Teleport

09-26-2007, 09:03 AM
Mass Hold Monster

How well does this work?

09-26-2007, 09:17 AM
How well does this work?Not all that great on elite L14 quests, but since it's a mass spell, you can usually catch one or two mobs if you wait for them to group up enough. A good example would be those guys in PoP with the fire shield (cold). Even on elite, you can usually nab one or two. Two held mobs at a cost of 0 mana is a good deal, if you don't mind burning the plat.

I don't use them frequently, generally only in a few cases:
1) When I'm out of mana or trying to conserve it
2) When the tanks are uber enough that PK/FoD or even DD spells are just a waste of SP
3) When things are just grouped up too nicely to NOT use it :D

Edit: I forgot in my original post to mention that I scroll Disintegrate/Ball Lightning, but I only use them for fun or special situations (DQ's last 20% - when she is invulnerable to L4 and under spells and I'm out of mana for CoC, for example)