View Full Version : cleaning up old connection?!?!

09-15-2007, 06:42 PM
sup, i logged out from pop transporter cause i got stuck, figured no big deal ill just reboot, wrong i now cannot loggin at all now im stuck on the coming this month,page
it says cleaning up old connection for 20 minutes now

please fix this soon;)

09-15-2007, 07:12 PM
I've had this happen to me before several times. The following is the true and tried method.

1. Reboot your entire computer. If this doesn't work, go to step 2.

2. Log into a different server (create a new character if you must) and create a new service ticket. Explain to the DM who responds what the problem is, who your character is and what server it is on. They will usually have you log out for 10-20 minutes and when you try to log back in it will be fixed.

09-16-2007, 02:30 AM
thanx, lostinjapan for ur time