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09-14-2007, 01:52 PM
From Sigtrent's Build Request Thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=117232)

Champion of Siberys a Lawful Good - Drow – Paladin 2 / Sorcerer 12 / Rogue 2
Requested By: Mistress Mayhem
Presented By: Sigfried Trent

The request was for a sorcerer who could fight. Some of the other fine folks watching the tread already answered the call and the requester seemed most delighted with the version including rogue levels. It requires a lot of compromise to make this build work for all the rogue skills so I’m going to stick to the basics at higher levels. I think it makes the most sense to establish the rogue and sorcerer levels early and then build into sorcerer. This way you have a solid foundation to build your character on, although it may be rough going the first level or two and you will want to party up. You will have to explain to folks that you aren’t an especially good trap rogue. Keep in mind your melee skills are pretty weak until you get weapon finesse so a good crossbow may be your weapon of choice until level 3.

Starting Statistics (28pts)
STR 10 – DEX 18 – CON 10 – INT 12 – WIS 8 – CHA 18

Feats: Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Spell Focus Enchantment, Greater Spell Focus Enchantment, Spell Penetration

Skills: UMD 17, Concentration 14, Open Locks 7, Jump 6, Serch 4, Disable Devise 4, Spot 4, Tumble 4, Balance 7

Enhancements: Melee Attack 2, Melee Damage 2, Drow Dex 2, Sneak Attack training 1, Open Lock 1, Lineage of Elements 2, Deadly Elements 2, Elemental Manipulation 2, Spell Penetration 2, Energy of the Dragonblooded 3, Charisma 3, Rogue Dex 1, Paladin Toughness 1

Spells: Hypnotism, Jump, Niac’s Cold Ray, Shield, Otto’s Resistable Dance, Resist Energy, Scorching Ray, Web, Displacement, Halt Undead, Haste, Charm Monster, Enervation, Hold Monster

Leveling Guide

1st Level: Rogue
Toughness : UMD 4, Open Locks 4, Jump 4, Search 4, Disable Devise 4, Spot 4, Tumble 4, Concentration 2, Balance 4

2nd Level: Paladin
UMD 1, Concentration 1 (all non rogue levels)

3rd Level: Paladin
Weapon Finesse

4th Level: Rogue
Cha +1 : UMD 1, Open Locks 3, Balacne 3, Jump 2

5th Level: Sorcerer

6th Level: Sorcerer
Spell Focus Enchantment

7th Level: Sorcerer

8th Level: Sorcerer
Cha +1

9th Level: Sorcerer
Spell Penetration

10th Level: Sorcerer

11th Level: Sorcerer

12th Level: Sorcerer
Cha +1 : Greater Spell Focus Enchantment

13th Level: Sorcerer

14th Level: Sorcerer

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this build. I think I’m accustomed to wizards who just get more spells and choices to work with, so the sorcerer aspect feels very limiting when trying to squeeze in combat, defenses and skills all together. Still, it does achieve all its goals to some degree or another even if it is kind of slow to develop. You may want to start with some rogue enhancements to do traps levels 1-4 and then ditch them as soon as it just isn’t viable any more. A set of +5 tools will go a long way to allowing you to do traps while you still have that rogue mark on your character. Then just re-spec as you shift over to casting spells.

Number Crunching
Final Statistics (Assuming +1 tomes and +4 items as desired)
STR 16 – DEX 28 – CON 16 – INT 12 – WIS 8 – CHA 30

Full Armor Class (Bracers of Armor 6, +5 Mithral Light Shield): Armor 6, Dex 9, Barkskin Potion 3, Deflection 4, Shield 6, Aura 1 = 39

Attack Profile (+3 Keen Rapier of Puncturing): BAB 8, Dex 9, Weapon 3, Melee Attack 2, Haste 1, Greater Heroism 4, Divine Might 6 = 33/33/38/43 1d6 + 8 (15-20 X2 + 1d6 Con) + (1d6 + 2 Sneak Attack)

Hit Points: Around 180
Spell Points: Around 1150

Fort Save: Great (25+)
Reflex Save: Great (25+)
Will Save: Excellent (20+)

UMD: 34+
Open Lock: 37

Combat Commentary
All around it looks pretty good. Nice AC, amazing saves, good attack value with easy to find buffs. Damage is weak but puncturing often trumps all but the best damage dealers anyhow. Your CC focus fits in well with the puncturing kill method and you should be able to land spells pretty well. Your spell penetration is on par with a pure sorcerer and your DC values for enchantment spells are quite good. You can enervate the hard targets if need be. You can throw some arcane damage at boss monsters and while not amazing you can help kill them. A good collection of finessable power 5 weapons would certainly serve you well allowing you to deal with monsters normally not vulnerable to con damage. You can also use a bow fairly well although your damage isn’t much, but it may be handy with shattermantle or curse spewing to soften up targets. Might be a fun PVP character as you have all the proper buffs, the amazing saves and a few ways to doll out damage. You can open almost any lock with good gear and your UMD should let you use just about any scroll you want and that adds a lot of utility to the character.

09-14-2007, 02:35 PM
Feats: Toughness X2, Mental Toughness, Improved Mental Toughness, Power Attack, Weapon Focus Slashing, Improved Critical Slashing, Dodge, Extend Spell, Maximize Spell, Empower Spell

I think you must have meant "Piercing" here.

Actually, upon further review, you must have meant quite a bit of nothing in there. Since there are no Fighter or Wizard levels for a non-human, you have listed six extra feats.

09-14-2007, 03:56 PM
I think you must have meant "Piercing" here.

Actually, upon further review, you must have meant quite a bit of nothing in there. Since there are no Fighter or Wizard levels for a non-human, you have listed six extra feats.

Doh, left overs from the privious build... thanks for catching that.

09-15-2007, 12:09 PM
A couple of things to think about after capping my battle mage. (My build is pretty detailed in the following link)


Multiclassing a sorcerer really shreds your spell penetration.
Multiclassing a sorcerer this deep lowers your potential DC by 3.

With this in mind you typically want to use spells that have no save or bypass sr.

I think the middle ground here is using firewall and cloudkill since both can used effectively with a lower cha and less sorcerer levels.

I only put 4 points into open lock at creation and with buffs and +13 item, you can open most locks in the game through elite.

If you want evasion to be effective against traps, you need to be 30+. My reflex save is 32 against traps and I still get nailed at times in the crucible.

I tried the finesse version, but after leveling I realized that wasting a feat for sub-par damage was not worth it so I deleted the character and re-rolled the above one.

To get an idea of the potential of the build. When fighting the boss in pop, I can buff, hit my divine power clicky, throw down my extended maximized firewalls and hit Cochi...whatever his name is for 40+ a hit. This is alot of dps from one party member.

I am a big fan of the battlemages, but don't over extend what you want to accomplish or you will end sucking.