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09-13-2007, 06:28 PM
From Sigtrent's Build Request Thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=117232)

Dwarven Blackguard a Lawful Good - Dwarven – Fighter 4 / Paladin 6
Requested By: Sneak Thief
Presented By: Sigfried Trent

The request was for a Blackguard character with the idea that DDO would some day implement prestige classes. The requester wanted a 32pt build of any race with power attack, cleave, and improved sunder, and 5 ranks in Hide. Paladin levels are traditionally converted to Blackguard levels, so having a decent dose of paladin was a plus. He wanted it to be capped at level 10 and only have two classes so that it could take prestige class levels. I rather doubt we’d see blackguard even as a prestige class but its fun to build for none the less.

Starting Statistics (32pts)
STR 18 – DEX 12 – CON 17 – INT 10 – WIS 8 – CHA 12

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Sunder, Two Handed Fighting, Toughness, Improved Two Handed Fighting, Improved Critical Slashing

Skills: Hide 6, Balance 6

Enhancements: Dwarven Armor mastery 1, Axe Attack 2, Axe Damage 1, Dwarven Faith 1, Spell Defense 1, Dwarven Tactics 1, Dwarven Toughness 2, Fighters Armor Mastery 1, Fighters Critical Accuracy 1, Fighters Sunder 2, Fighters Trip 2, Bulwark of Good 1, Resistance of good 1, Lay on Hands 1, Energy of the Templar 1, Paladin Charisma 1, Fighters Strength 1, Fighter Toughness 2

Leveling Guide

1st Level: Fighter
Power Attack, Improved Sunder : Hide 2, Balance 2

2nd Level: Fighter
Cleave : Hide .5, Balance .5 (all levels)

3rd Level: Fighter

4th Level: Fighter
Str +1 : Two Handed Fighting

5th Level: Paladin

6th Level: Paladin
Improved Two Handed Fighting

7th Level: Paladin

8th Level: Paladin
Str +1

9th Level: Paladin
Improved Critical Slashing

10th Level: Paladin

I front loaded fighter just because I wanted to grab my combat feats early to play around with. You could re-arrange the levels any way you like, I just though this set up gives you a good jump start on life. I toyed around with a WF build but feats were just to tight when trying to get Bladesworn Transformation and it was rather boring. So then it was between human and dwarf. In the end I liked the Dwarf’s durability and the tactics support. I decided to just bite the bullet on skills although for some reason I wanted that second skill point so I wasn’t just buying hide, which is pretty useless.

Number Crunching
Final Statistics (Assuming +1 tomes and +4 items as desired)
STR 24 – DEX 16 – CON 22 – INT 10 – WIS 12 – CHA 16

Full Armor Class (+5 Adamantine Full Plate): Armor 13, Dex 3, Barkskin Potion 3, Deflection 3, Aura 2, Chaos Guard 2 = 36

Defensive Attack Profile (+5 Great Axe of Destruction): BAB 10, Str 7, Weapon 5, Melee Attack 2, Power Attack -5, Divine Favor 2 = 21/21/25/31 1d12 + 28 (19-20 X3)

Hit Points: Around 242

Fort Save: Excellent (20+)
Reflex Save: Good (15+)
Will Save: Poor - Good (10+-15+)

Combat Commentary
Keep in mind these are 10th level numbers so a 14 version would be a bit better in all respects. Damage and accuracy are good, and you can throw out sunder to increase your attack chance pretty nicely. You will pull quite a bit of agro. Fearsome armor may be the way to go, and fits the theme nicely. Even if trip isn’t supper accurate, go ahead and throw it out there whenever you get the chance as it will land from time to time. If you don’t like it you can shuffle some enhancements around and skip it. Your AC actually is pretty decent with axe and tower shield so keep that in mind if you need to tank up. Even without blackguard this makes for a decent if not overwhelmingly strong character with a bit of unusual flavor to it. A two handed fighter with a fair bit of defense and some decent self healing. Heading out to 14 you can either continue with paladin or take more fighter, or a bit of both. Paladin 7 Fighter 7 is probably optimal especially if you can score a +2 dex tome.