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09-13-2007, 05:30 PM
So I have 2 rangers already. One is my first character from day 1. He is basically a tempest ranger. The other is a 1rogue/13 dwarven dps str ranger. I am currently looking at making yet another ranger build. Why you ask? I made a couple of mistakes on both of them and was looking to make a build that corrected some of the problems. I was originally going to make an elven fighter with the dragonmarks but decided if I changed my original rangers feats I could have a really good death dealer. The only reason I would remake my first ranger is because of the 1 level of rogue(skills especially umd) and to be true neutral(cuz dang those unholy arrows hurt). So here are the stats I have been looking at.

str 14
dex 18
con 12
int 14
wis 10
cha 10

With the int of 14 I can keep all rogue skills maxed however I loose out on move silent and hide. I could drop str to 12 bump int to 15 and use a +1 tome at 1st lvl and then alternate advancing hide(wouldn't really need with camoflage and invisibility dragon mark) and move silently. I could also drop cha to 8 and still keep a 14 str.

The feats I would look at are
1st weapon finesse
3rd least dragon mark
6th lesser dragon mark
9th improved crit piercing
12 either precision or extend.

Extend gives me around 15 minutes of displacement. Precision would allow me to hit higher lvl mobs and not gain aggro. I would look at going stat damaging and burst damage(already have holy burst of pure good rapier) with this character. Depending on what occurs with the higher lvls I might add in levels of pally or fighter. And yes I understand the benefits to a str based ranger. Just not sure I can bump the str up high enough without sacrificing something else.

I figure soloing with this character is going to be breeze between evasion, resistances, eventually freedom of movement and 15 minutes of displacement per shrine.

What are peoples thoughts.

09-15-2007, 10:21 AM
No one has comments on at least the stat distribution?

09-15-2007, 11:51 AM
Displacement is nice, but it is not the end all to staying alive. I keep displacement up at all times on my battle mage, and I still get hit alot. When facing giants with a paladin friend I have a 50ac, stoneskin, and displacement going and I can still get hit alot.

Displacement doesn't guarantee the mob will miss 50% if the time. It just means they have to roll a 51 or higher with a d100. This means that their will be times when displacement is up but you can be hit everytime.

I would not spend feats essentially lowering dps capabilities to have displacement.