View Full Version : Looking for a Guild ( argo )

09-11-2007, 11:02 PM
Im currenly unhappy with my current guild and looking for options of going else were.. i really dont want to give my reasons here public, but i will say i think the guild should be better but just has to many cheifs not enough indians.. wich makes guild goal/recruting/play a pain in the arse ..

Seeking a top end guild with a active decent sized population ( english speaking a must ) i currently have 2 active toons i still play a capped fighter and a capped barb..

Willing to do trial runs with guilded ppl to see if you are what im looking for and vice versa.. Most active toon right now wich u can normaly find me on would be Ruca..

Not to sound like a prick, but low population guilds and newly formed guilds please save us both the time and over look this post.:D