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09-11-2007, 11:01 PM
I have to post because after having my toon named Lolth for over a year and a half I log in and find that my name was changed. This is completely ridiculous. I have had the name for a year and a half. Now the GM said that I cannot have a name from D&D lore or close to it. Excuse me. I am not playing this game to name my toon Obi-WAN. I am playing DDO to be in the lore.
So turbine answer me this, Why was the name choosable in the first place. I subscribe to LOTR. When I put in Bilbo as a toon name I got a message as this was not choosable.
This name is not a swear word and the name of Lolth is not in Stormreach lore. As far as I know it is exclusive to Greyhawk maybe forgotten realms. So I am really peeved why you have changed one of my favorite toons. It is much akin to rape.
Now let us venture on to similar or close to a name of lore. I have seen Lloths, llolths, Drizztts, Drizzy, Thor, Odin, Frey, Loki and I can go on an on and on. These names are similar to or in the lore as well as driz be a character in it. Have these players had their names changed? Would they want them changed? The game master said to report them. Would my fellow players want me to narc them out and ruin their toons names?
Now I did not even get a courtesy email, it was just done. Unfairly, at that. The gamemaster said "turbine policy states...." yada yada yada. Well, Turbine, you should start to make some exceptions for your loyal customers. If I am going to narc, here I will narc myself out. I have a toon named Memnoth and Belial. Also, taken from DnD lore. They are Lords of Hell in case you do not know. In LOTR I have a toon named Eomer a father of Eomund in the book. Change him while you are at it.
So it looks like we will be playing a D&D game with no names from D&D. We will all have star wars, and terry brooks and other fantasy names but not the game we signed up and are paying to play.
So please Turbine make some exceptions. Take a look at your fan base and what they want. Take a look what they have and how ridiculous it sounds that we can play DnD but not have any names that made us grow to love the game.
I would hate to start to report people for having names that are from the DnD lore or similar to them. Because, obviously I have more knowledge of DnD lore than your game masters considering I had Lolth for since the game conception and it was not noticed until lately
I am not sure which forum to post this on so I will post them on multiple forums to ensure I am heard. PS The game master was quite rude. As bad as Sony in support. Some of us are old(sigh) professionals who played the very first ADD PnP.
Regretfully, Lolth aka renamedLL

09-12-2007, 06:23 AM
Your name was not changed because an arbitrary GM stumbled across it, they have more important things to do than look for names that violate the EULA.

Your name was changed because somebody reported it.

BTW: Relax, it's just a game.

09-12-2007, 09:01 AM
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