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09-11-2007, 10:06 PM
Hi All

AS I'm finding it difficult to find PUG's on Argos I'm wondering if there are any guilds that anyone knows of.
(I know there's numers of them but..)

What I'm looking for is something that's not either
A) A small guild of 8 people who know each other in real life, and kinda ignore everyone else
B) A guild where I'm member # 117 and not much more.

I'd like something that is/has lower levels (my main is only lvl 8), and that doesn't feel they have to run the same dungeons over and over again.
Honestly-Cowl is lvl 8, but I've really only done the harbour, STK more times than I want to think about, Stormcleave and one or two others.
There are (I'm sure) dozens of areas I missed, simply because those ones I did were the easiest to find PUGs. I'm not saying I want a guild that hits every single quest, I honestly don't mind running the same dungeon a few times, just like to find one that can help me branch out the XP a bit.

Honestly just kinda hoping there's a guild where there will be people on every night/every otehr night of enough variance in levels that I can have fun, contribute, and get Cowl up to the mighty levels of power I'm expecting to have at 14.
(Or more likely 16 as I doubt I'll hit the cap before it goes up :D )

Anyone know of one tha kinda covers this and is looking for newer players?

09-12-2007, 12:18 AM
If you want to try Permadeath look us up. Check my sig. But if you die a lot, you will still end up running the same quests a lot ;)

09-12-2007, 04:07 AM
Hi All
Anyone know of one tha kinda covers this and is looking for newer players?

I've got 2 answers.

1. Did you check the Argonnessen Forums? We've got a consistently-updated guildlistings there. You can probably narrow your search down because many of the guilds have their active players listed.

2. I'm not promising anything, as we're selective, but Relics of the Last War now has 3 Masters and 0 Apprentices for those 3 Masters. Since you're new, you fit the potential openings. However, you'll have to roll with myself, Castar, and Fnor. We've all levels. There are more players, but they currently play LOTRO only or are MIA for 1+ month.

09-14-2007, 02:31 PM
You can look at our guild, "Realms of Ebberon". We have about 100 characters spread among 20-30 active players. Any given night 8-10folks are on.

One level 14, couple 12, most are 4-9. Not many into PvP. mostly older 30-50's.

We run levels 1-4 on Wednesdays and usually have 2 full groups. 5-9's on Mondays. Top tunes on Thursdays and save long series for weekends.

We are spread from Newfoundland to West Coast, predominantly eastern and Central time zone.

central core of about 10 players that have known and played with each other ~5 times weekly for about 6 months so there is a fair amount of inside jokes and commenst tho.

Look for us and send a tell , we always welcome folks LFG and let them have a chance to run with us.