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09-10-2007, 11:04 AM
Human, 32 pt Sorc.

str 8, dex 14, con 14, int 12, wis 8, cha 18 (or 10 str and 10 Int)

Skills: Max UMD, Jump & or Tumble, Max Consentration.


Maximize, Empower, SF: Evocation, GSF: Evocation, Combat Casting, Mobile Casting

Alt Feats.

Maximize, Empower, SF: Evocation, GSF Evocation, Quicken, Extend


Maximize, Empower, SF: Evocation, GSF: Evocation, Quicken, Enlarge


Fire/Cold 4, lighting/acid 4, fire/cold crit 3, light/acid crit 3, Human recovery/consentration (what ever you want for the rest)


Level 1: Shocking Grasp, Shield, Pro Evil, Jump
Level 2: Resist Energy, Scorching Ray, False Life, Blurr
Level 3: Fireball, Haste, Displacment, *Lighting Bolt (or Rage)
Level 4: Wall of Fire, Shout, Ice Storm, Stone Skin
Level 5: Ball Lighting, Cone of Cold, *Hold Monster (or Symbol of Pain)
Level 6: *Disintegrate, Greater Heroism (or Chain Lightinging)
Level 7: Delayed Blast Fireball

Most Desired Items:

Superior Lore Items, Superior Potency 6, Superior Combustion 7, Green Blade, Black Dragon Robe, Heavy Fort Item, +6 Con/Cha, GFL, Helm of Free Will, poison and disease immunity, greater resistances.

Grouping and Focus.

As a damage dealer you will have no need for spells such as pk, fts, fod and other single target spells.. You will have no need for CC spells like SF, CK, dancing ball ect ... as a nuker your main focus is the destruction of monsters AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. You WILL rely on your party to clean up soft targets untill you are strong enough to outright kill everything that gets in your way.. It's important to buff your party, even to the point of spending 5-800 spell points.. they will be your finishers.. your job is to bring everything down as low as possible with the least amount of spell points. You should put your mind set into ... why would I insta kill ONE monster for 40 sp with FoD when I can Fireball the entire room twice for the same sp.. let the fighters finish them off.. One of the key things you will also need to perfect is spell point managment.. you will need to find a happy medium between how many sp to spend on your party and NOT over nukeing things... dont waste 20 sp on a fireball on monsters with 1/3 their life... let the fighters finish them off..

Important skills.

As a nuker with not much means of CC you will need to be able to kite not 1 or 2 monsters but 20-50 monsters... you will need to learn how to cast your nukes with OUT targeting monsters.. Its far more effictave to drop a fireball in the middle of a group. then target the first one and cast.. You will need to learn how to jump/spin and dodge monsters AND get your nukes off EXACTLY where you want them.. a PURE nuker is NOT a class for everyone.. only the most skilled experts will play a good nuker... the rest will die..

Trash you DONT need..

There is NO use for any spell pen items, (other then Disintegrate) again, tho, it's a single target spell and is really only good for mopping up, single bosses, golems and pillars.. its NOT your bread and butter spells.. It works well enough NOT to bother spending the enhancments and feats to make it work better.

You will have little use for spell point enhancments or feats... simpally put, you save sp by placing your nukes well.. you save sp by NOT single killing monsters... rather by grouping them up and eliminating entire rooms/groups of monsters.. Again DONT spend 40 sp killing or holding a single target.. spend 20 sp on a well placed fireball and clean up the left overs.

Combinations and Lore Items.

It's VERY important to ALWAYS ensure that you change to the correct lore and potency items.. if you dont have a potency 6 or 7 item.. make sure you have your combustion item & fire lore item EVERY TIME you cast a fire spell.. when you switch to lighting spells CHANGE WEAPONS!!.. There are arcane lore items in the game... arcane lore vs superior lore items is the differance between 600 point crits and 800 point crits.. USE SUPERIOR items.. change them out.. dont be fooled by arcane lore because that .25 crit multiplyer vs the .5 IS a huge differance.. On a spell per sepll basis you may not care about the differance.. you will have lower sp then most casters so that extra damage you get with superior lore items makes up for the differance in spell points vs damage out put. The enhancments spent on your crit multiplyers and additional damage to not just fire/ice but fire/ice AND lighting/acid, or repair/force makes ALL the differance in the world..

I warn you in advance that a "PURE" nuker is NOT for everyone, It's VERY VERY VERY hard to make and play one.. BUT... when you become a master.. you to will be able to decimate every level and monster and pvp player you meet.. People WILL notice.. when you obleritate an entire room with a single spell... people will notice when they are at -1000 in pvp from a single delayed blast fireball... With the enhancments for evocation, 9/10 monsters will fail their saves.. taking full damage.. hence increasing your DPS by 50%...

Good luck, and please feel free to comment or ask questions.

09-10-2007, 11:14 AM
Dump the Dex, you don't need it. Pump Con for the HP.

12 int on a human will bag you 4 skill points per level as a sorc, not 3. You only need 10 int (humans get +1 skill points per level as a racial bonus).

09-10-2007, 11:27 AM
Mobile Spell casting requires a 13 dex, It's a must have feat and I like to plink with xbows, so thats why I did the 14 dex, with +2 tome and a +6 Item the 22 dex helps with saves and to hit... It's solid.

14 con with +2 tome and +6 item is 200 hp.. thats perfect.

the 12 Int, and reavors napkin +2 tome is 20 Int I can use most of the runes, and get my skills.

If you make any changes to the stats go with the alt 10 str 10 int.

My stats with items based on this build are

str 15, dex 22, con 22, int 20, wis 9 cha 32.

09-10-2007, 11:31 AM

You're using mobile spellcasting? :eek:

This is an outrage. :rolleyes:

09-10-2007, 11:38 AM
nvm read the wrong section