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09-10-2007, 05:19 AM
This is just a rough draft. I don't have a slot to make it. I have a Ranger with the mark I am leveling right now, and was curious how one could best use it. Plan is to dual vorpal longswords, or other power5, say smiting scimitars. Regular damage output isn't bad either. Can also go piercing if you have wounding of puncturing weapons. Math may be off because I copied this from the other build I made, a 5wiz/7fighter/2pal. Had more attack and ac, but less UMD and no evasion.

Dragonmarked Elf

15str 28 +3levels+2tome+2enh+6item
16dex 26 +1enh+2enh+1tome+6item
13con 20 +1tome+6item
11int 12 +1tome
9wis 16 +1tome+6item
14cha 22 +1tome+6item+1enh
Use the dex tome before getting gtwf

Fighter: twf/itwf/gtwf/imp crit slashing/wf slashing
Regular: sf umd/leastmark/lessermark/extend/toughness

AC: 43self/59max
10base+10armor+8dex+3natural+5deflection+3dodge+2d odge+2aura
+2recitation+1haste+7shield+2blocking+2aura+2Range r
you will have 14mins of displacement, you could skip AC and use fearsome/heavy fort/displacement/evasion.

Hps: 309
20feat+80fighter+40pal+12rogue+10favor+30gfl+70con +17toughness+30enh

Attack: 27/27/32/37 27/32/37 +6confirm crits
This doesn't include rage/haste/recitation/songs

Saves: 34/33/25
0/3/0rogue, 6/2/2fighter, 4/1/1pal, 5/8/3stats, 2/2/2aura, 6/6/6DG, 2/2/2luck, 5/5/5resist, 4/4/4gh

Elf Dex II, Extra Mark III, Melee Attack II, Armor mastery II, Crit Accuracy III, Item Defense I, Str II, Toughness III, BOG I, ROG I, Cha I, Extra LOH, Sov Host I, DEX I, Skill Boost I

Up to you, but I wasn't planning for trap skills. Take rogue2 when you can max out the UMD. 17ranks+6cha+2luck+4gh+2boost+3item+3feat=37, enough for self healing via heal scrolls.

Final note, you can't take extend until you take pal 4, must be able to cast spells.

09-10-2007, 10:18 AM
I like it. I am planning 2 different dragon mark elfs right now. One is a fighter/pally build. I figure that with the wands of resist and protection out there evasion isn't as big a deal as before(now this is coming from someone with 4 melee characters with evasion mind you). The other is a 1rogue/ranger piercing spec for wounding/pucturing.
I am taking my fighter/pally a different route going sword and board for a really high AC coupled with displacement for a character that can last a long time in a fight. Using intimidate/cleave/great cleave to keep aggro and dish out either damage or special effects on groups.

09-11-2007, 02:00 PM
Think yer dex bonus is off...Looks to me like you're planning on using +5 Mith BP...Should be 10 AC with a 5 max dex bonus. Means you'll need Armor Mastery 3 to get the full +8 dex bonus.

Also, Dodge bonuses...You have them listed twice. 3 and a 2, are you planning for Raid gear to provide this?

09-11-2007, 06:00 PM
Delving Suit from Velah
10 armor
8 dex, 6 base +2 from FAM II

Chaosguarde Bracers=dodge2
Chattering Ring=dodge3
Titan belt for 6str and gfl
Head of good fortune

4 Raid items, which considering the new 20 system, shouldn't be that hard to acquire, since they come from 3 different raids.