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09-09-2007, 09:57 PM
Hi all
i'm thinking of finally deleting my fighter and making a new one to replace him, every time i try to make a tank i seem to fail (unless its dps specced) so this time before trying once again to make a solid tank i am coming to the forums for ideas.

(for those of you not aussie a wombat is a creature we have here, their basically solid balls of muscle and are known to just walk through a tent instead of going around them)

Little Wombat
Fighter 14

Stats (assuming +5 item and +1 tome)

Str 23 (base 14, +5 item, +1 tome, +3 enhancement)
Dex 20 (base 14, +5 item, +1 tome)
Con 30 (base 20, +5 item, +1 tome, +1 Enhancement, +3 Level up)
Int 13
Wis 8
Cha 6

+140 (Base Fighter)
+20 (Base start)
+140 (30 Con)
+85 (Toughness x 5)
+ 60 (Enhancements)
+30 (Greater False Life)

Total: 475

+10 Base
+18 MFP + Armour mastery II
+1 Dodge
+5 CE
+5 Protection
+7 Mithral Tower Shield (Fighters Tower Shield Mastery 2)
+2 Invaders Ring
+2 Natural Armour (also invaders ring)

Total: 50

ToHit (with a slasher)
+14 BaB
+6 Str
+2 Enhancement

Total: +24, +19 with CE (a +5 weapon will help this get higher.)

1. Toughness
1b. Dodge
2b. CE
3. Toughness
4b. WF: Slash
6. Toughness
6b. Quickdraw (suggestions on something better would be great)
8b. Imp Crit: Slash
9. Toughness
10b. GWF: Slash
12. Toughness
12b. Shield mastery (once again need suggestion for better feat)
14b. Improved Shield Mastery

Ok forums, what is wrong with this build and needs improving?

09-10-2007, 10:01 AM
First if this is an intimidate tank you may want to consider dumping 2 of the toughnesses and picking up iron will and bull headed. These will give you a +4 will save. This is important since if you are held, dancing etc you can't tank. Along these line pick up the dwarven spell defense for +3 more. Since dwarves get a +2 naturally againtst spells this will be a total of +9 to your base will save.

Also your damage output is not going to be very good with a 24 str. You might want to drop con and raise str a little. You could get a 28 realativily easily without sacrifice to much from con. 475 hitpoints is a bit of overkill really especially with a good AC. Also with a low damage output how are you going to maintain aggro while the intimidate timer cools down? Increase you damage and taking something like cleave/great cleave will help maintain aggro.

Also your AC is off a bit. The invaders ring is +2 natural ac and doesn't stack with other natural bonuses. AC should be more like this
10 Base
13 +5 mithral armor
5 dex
9 +5 mithral tower shield
5 deflection
2 chaos gardes if lawfull good
5 CE
1 dodge
3 barkskin pots 2 if using the invaders ring

09-10-2007, 10:59 AM
So many Toughness Feats would make Gangwulf happy. You should drop a few of them for saving throws feats, you can't tank if you're held or you'll tank badly if you keep on getting full damages from AOE spells.

09-10-2007, 11:37 AM
If your AC is going to be pushing 53 or more, you really won't have a need for nearly 500 HP. Riot and Borror0 are only usually around 260-280ish (IIRC) and it's more than enough for them. As a dwarf, you'll end up with a bunch of HP anyway, easily 300+ with one Toughness feat. Five is a bit much, but somewhere Gangwulfe is smiling.

Drop that CON a bit, bump up STR to 16, allowing you to reach 28/30 STR. The thing is, once you Intimidate, there is a 10 sec cooldown. Intim gives you a 6 sec aggro lockdown. So, there's a 4 sec window where you'll need to use damage to keep aggro. Having a better to-hit and damage output will allow you to do that.

You may need to spend a feat on an Intimidate focus since you're going to have a 6 CHA.

I highly recommend keeping Shield Mastery and Improved Shield Mastery. While blocking, you will be able to mitigate nearly all the damage that comes in from melee attacks. The importance of this when tanking cannot be understated.

Look to take some saving throw feats, as Borror0 suggested. Since you will be a dwarf, the Dwarven Spell Resistance will help some, but a bit more can't really hurt that much.