View Full Version : "Conan" (?) Build (barb/ftr/rng)

09-07-2007, 11:21 PM
Hi all
GF's little brother has been perusing my old (very old) Conan books and has decided to make a character for the game. (Of course with him and the GF playing I'm gonna hve to get a second system and anotehr game copy grr..)

Anyway, wants to have a Human,
-using the biggest single handed sword (so Bastard I guess)
-str dmg to bows
-wants to be able to dual wield AND use THF

I only have 28 pt builds available, was going to tell him to go 2 rng/ 2(maybe 4) fighter and the rest as Barb.
This (Im guessing )should pick up the TWF and Bow feats for the rng , have enough (maybe) fighter feats to cover some of the rest and give him Barb for whatver Barbs get.
Stats would likely be 18-14-14-8-8-8
(NO tomes available)

Any suggestions on how to spread the levels out? Does it really matter?