View Full Version : Drow Favor Run

09-07-2007, 06:36 PM
Hey all-

I'm helping Chuck Norris out and I'm not just going to help him, so if you for some reason have not locked in 400+ favor on the Argonnessen server, please jump online with the character you want to unlock that 400 favor with right now! I can usually hit 250 favor in 1.5 hours and the remaining 150 in 3 hours. If anyone is bored (another high-level player) and wishes to assist in the speed elites, come join me (Thet).

When: NOW
Location: Chuck's Abode (The Harbor) of Argonnessen Server
How: We speed run everything. No lagging. No treasure-gaggling. I'll give you plat if you're deperate for loot.
Why: Because we care.
Wait, I don't understand what you're doing: Then this group is probably for you.

09-07-2007, 11:56 PM
We'll be at it again tomorrow night, Saturday at 8 pm EST September 8, 2007. All are welcome to come. We're hitting WWs Elite and Catacombs Elite as well as Freshen, Redfang, Archer's Point Defense, Kobold Assault all on Elite. This should unlock drow for a lot of new players or catch up on missing favor for 1750-seekers. Argonnessen Forever!!! Good running with everyone that came!