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09-05-2007, 12:11 PM
Would be be the best way to go,do me more magic then songs.Still have the songs.But just more of the magic side.Any comments would be great

09-05-2007, 04:06 PM
Not exactly sure what you are asking, but since you get the songs and spell slots automatically I guess you are asking which you should spend you time doing casting vs. singing? Or perhaps which you should focus on in terms of feats and enhancements?

I guess my answer doesn't really matter which of those is your question. In my experience, a bard typically only sings periodically (to buff the party), and occasionally for CC (i.e., Fascinate). The bard spends the rest of the time performing his other chosen role(s). That might be casting CC spells. It might be healing. It might be melee or ranged combat. What your other role(s) is/are is up to you.

One exception to this I can think of would be the bard who uses Fascinate extensively. In this case you wouldn't be spending more time singing, but you still should have another role you occupy the rest of your time with.

The only other exception I can think of is the bard who mostly ignores his songs devoting all of his time/focus to some other role(s). There are bards like this, but in my opinion they are short-changing their parties if they aren't using the abilities (i.e., song buffs) that all bards get for free.