View Full Version : A Founders Guild

09-04-2007, 02:39 PM
Hello Server-mates,

Here's another guild recruiting post :) Sorry hehe.

The Thousand Eyes, from Reidra originally, and was one of the last remaining original guilds from Beta.

We are a very small guild, and those of us remaining have been playing since either Beta or the pre-release. We group most every night and enjoy the game and each others company. We all talk on Ventrillo, so it's highly recommended (but not necessary) you use that so you can be a part of the guild chat.

We're looking for anyone, any class, any level, n00b or vet. Just people that enjoy the game, that like to have fun in chat, want to make some friends, and on occasion...be able to follow direction when needed, and if you're new to the game...willingness to learn.

We do raids, as well as other quests. We're all willing to help out each other when needed, whether it be for Favor or quest progression for raids. We are all (except one) Eastern time zone, so if you're on the left coast you may not find us very suitable.

I hope that if you're looking for a guild, you'll send me a PM or look us up and ask whatever questions you might have, or give us a shot.

Thanks for your time!