View Full Version : Installation Link is Dead!

09-04-2007, 02:06 PM
Just a heads up for everyone.

In the Online Support section it states:

Installation Support

If you are having problems installing the game due to a defective CD/DVD, we suggest you do the following:

1. Download the Dungeons & Dragons Online ™: Stormreach™ game software from http://download.turbine.com/ddo/dndsetup_us_trial.exe

2. Install the game. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

3. Find instructions to replace your defective CD/DVD by visiting www.atari.com.

For all other support questions, please select the appropriate option above.

The link to DL the game is dead and the black font on the black background actually states if you scroll over it "File Not Found"


Been having butloads of disconnect issues since the merge and was hoping a reinstall would fix it, but since I can't go out and buy a copy of the game on disc, well, I wanted to re-download it from the web. So much for that option.

The only option that works is puting in a second email address to get the main free-trial page to allow someone to DL it.

Note: The version of Risia downloaded via the link on the website is the previous version and requires a good hour or more of downloading/updating after you've installed it. Enjoy.

09-05-2007, 01:12 PM
When I went back into the support page again, the link on the left is still dead. However, if you go into the search engine and look for download or install you'll see the questions 'where do I download the game' or 'how do I install the game' and you can get a working link from there.

There is also a multi-link page titled something like 'can I download the game in smaller portions' There is a series of links that allow you to DL the game in sections.

However, please note that while the FAQ states that the available DL's are the latest version of the game, after downloading the files, I still had to sit through 2900+ file updates. Thus why I suggest clicking the install just before bed, so you can go to sleep and have the game waiting for you in the morning instead of sitting through a rather long, boring update that seems longer than the initial install. (much like Risia and its 3000+ file updates this last go around)

Good hunting.