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09-04-2007, 11:25 AM
i have a capped drow sor that is a pk'er with some enchanting skills

i tried this build as a wizard to level 4, but, honestly, wizards bore the hell out of me after playing mainly sors, i just can't do it, some here will understand my feelings

anyway, this is not revolutionary, but gives you the fod, self-protection, some cc, and the ability to kill practically all enemies (that i can think of) in the game to date

name: Silkie Furious 14 sorceror

race: drow

starting stats: 20chr, 13con, remainder 10

feats: (1) maximize; (3) extend or enlarge (i am not sure which yet); (6) heighten; (9) sf:necro; (12) gsf:necro


(1) hypnotism; shocking grasp (swap for jump); magic missile; charm person (swap for nightshield)

comments: hypnotism is good cc, and charm person will make early leveling much easier when you have to pug with bad noobish-tanks; i want to use some electricity & the maximized shocker will help kill what i hypnotize; mm's for what cannot be electrocuted; eventually you will want jump & nightshield for self-protection

(2) web; resist energy; blur; scorching ray (swap for false life)

comments: heightened web is great for the undead, and for those doors when you are in tangleroot elite, also it lets the tanks think they matter so sometimes i just web & let them work a little; blur & resist energy equal self-preservation; scorching ray is a good spell, but eventually i will swap it for false life which equals longer life for squishy drow

(3) haste; lightning bolt (swap for displacement); protection from energy; rage

comments: i love haste; protection from energy & rage equals life for squishy drow, i believe in the double-cast of resist & protection from energy, it is better than just one IMO; lightning bolt is because i want some electricity damage and i like the sound

(4) wall of fire; fear; stoneskin; fire shield

comments: wall of fire is simply a great spell; fear is my main crowd-controller with this build; stoneskin & fire shield, once again, equal life for squishy drow; and, also i think that some of these level 4 spells are sort of weak, and this is not a pk'er, i already have one of those, but, i might take the pk as well, so i can spam death even faster, if i take pk, i will take enervation for greater pk success

(5) cone of cold; ball lightning; cloudkill

comments: cone of cold is great damage dealer for spamming-purposes; ball lightning always hurts when it gets thrown at me in von3 so now is the time to turn the tables; cloudkill, i still like to use sometimes, so it is a keeper, but i am thinking of hold monster for some more cc

(6) acid fog; disintegrate

comments: acid fog is going to be some cc with some damage thrown in, i know it will bring aggro, but i am not scared; disintegrate is for telling the wizard-king that he is dethroned & i want to give those beholders payback for the times that they have killed me with it; i will cast gh from scrolls, i love that spell

(7) fod

comments: this is what you have been waiting for, start spamming it & ****ing tanks with bad attitudes off

enhancements: all of the usual suspects, & i will take some acid/electrical enhancements to go with my fire/cold ones

i believe that the above is a good well-rounded build that will be able to hold its own in combat

as to extend or enlarge, i like the longer buffs, but i also want to stay away from the bad guys, i got some extra shards so i will experiment

i do not claim originality, just practical application


09-04-2007, 12:32 PM
This is pretty close to the direction I've been heading with my sorc. With one exception; I went 32pt. human for a 16 Con, 12 Int (4 skill points per level), and he will have both extend _and_ enlarge.

At level 3 Charm, Shocking Grasp, Niacs, and MM have handled everything I've run into. The house P damage enhancing pots are great for bosses.

09-04-2007, 12:44 PM
that is good to be able to take that extra feat

but, i am addicted to drow

anyway, there is another thread about a nuker/instakill build that does not use extend

since "danger" is my middle name, i am going to take enlarge vs. extend & roll the dice

i am thinking about dropping ck, but those level 5 spells are sort of depressing so maybe some hold monster will be taken to mix it up a little