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09-03-2007, 12:08 AM
I build with optimum gear, even I don't have all of it unless I steal from other chars. I also plan having haste and recitation cast frequently, which should be common spells for parties at this point. Make adjustments accordingly for your own collection of gear and party makeup.
I did a search and didn't get any builds for the marks, figure they got lost to the wipe.

Elf Ranger (32) Archery Focused

15str 22 +1tome+6item
18dex 34 +2tome+6item+3levels+3enh+2enh
11con 18 +1tome+7item
11int 12 +1tome before L2
13wis 20 +1tome+6item
9cha 16 +1tome+6item(for equipping items)
+2 str tome and rage clicky will hit 25 for VON5

Favored Enemy: Undead, Giant, Evil outsiders
This covers Tempest, DQ, Reaver, and LOTD raid bosses
Titan is mostly damaged from laser anyway, and there are only 4 Dragons in game right now, making Dragon a lower priority.
Dragon and Aberration later

Least Dragonmark, Lesser Dragonmark, extend, imp crit range, weapon focus
Can change focus and imp crit for imp crit piercing and finesse for melee focus
Displacements should be 6seconds*14*2(extend)=168seconds
Extra Mark III gives 5, so 168*5=14mins, plenty for most quests.

Attack: 39-41 Ranged, 29-33 S&S, 25-29 dual ls/rapiers
14BAB, 12dex, 4gh, 1haste, 2recitation, 1focus, 2enh, 1-5weapon(3-5 Ranged due to arrows)

Saves: 26/34/22 +2enchantment
9/9/4base, 5/5/5resist, 4/4/4gh, 2/2/2luck, 4/11/5mods, 2/2/2recitation, 0/1/0haste
+5 resist items are very rare, some say impossible, so feel free to lower all by 1

Ac: 45, 60possible
10base, 12dex, 7armor, 5deflection, 5natural, 3dodge, 1haste, 2recitation
tanking add 7shield, 2 blocking, 2defensive fighting, 4aura

Hps: 228
20feat, 10 favor, 112ranger, 30gfl, 56con

Sps: 430
Can give FOM/resists/jump/protections to everyone

jump, resist, longstrider
barkskin, protection
cure moderate, summon?
Freedom of movement

Skills: hide(L2+), move silently, spot, jump, balance, umd, tumble
Would like to get some swim points, looking where to pull them from.
I get 8 casts of invisibility from mark, which can be cast on others also. Should have pretty decent scouting skills. Never know how much they will be needed later;)
UMD=8base+2luck+4gh+3necklace+3cha+3boost=23, for equipping items, otherwise I don't need to wear the necklace and cha item. Won't be useful for weapon switching, only everything else. You can make the call if you want to use 2 inv slots to be able to have 20umd.

Elf Dex II, Extra Mark III, Melee Attack I, Ranged Attack II, Ranged Damage I, Ranger Dex III, EOW I, Favored Attack I, Favored Damage II, Favored Defense II, Favored Resist III, Skill Boost II, Sprint Boost I, Swamp Lore II
I like the +4 acid resist built in, you can change the enhancements around to your liking of course.

Thoughts? Math corrections?

09-03-2007, 05:23 AM
Only thing I can see I would like to know more about, what item/s lets you have this combination of stuff dex and armour?


09-03-2007, 01:34 PM
I did a search and didn't get any builds for the marks, figure they got lost to the wipe.

Thats probably because they arent worth building around. What does the third one do? Shadow walk or something equally useless? Invisibility isnt a powerful enough effect to warrant multiple feats, in my experience.

I recommend Invisibility Clickies/Pots/Wands. Have your friends mail you wands and pots they find. They arent rare, you just have to be looking for them. Camp the AH.

Now if dragonmarks gave Improved Invisibility...

09-03-2007, 03:19 PM
Taking it for displacement, not the invis. Heavy fort, evasion, displacement, fearsome should be a great combo even if you don't worry about AC

I just don't see 3 other feats that can compare. Here is my thoughts to why the mark is decent:

1) Even if you don't have haste and recitation, and are moving, your attack is 32. 32 is plenty so you don't need sotr.

2) Other feat options of point blank shot, imp crit piercing, weapon finesse. You don't need the to hit from pbs or weapon finesse. If you want to change it to a melee focused build, you can take the imp crit and finesse anyway.

3) If you go the melee option of imp crit piercing, weapon finesse, what 3 other feats would you take? Toughness or dodge? 17hps and 1 AC isn't the same as 50% miss chance, except on certain quests like caravan and beholders. The 1 ac isn't going to do much vs the beholders anyway.

Of course a Dwarf str based has great abilities, I just don't play Dwarves.

09-05-2007, 08:19 PM
Only thing I can see I would like to know more about, what item/s lets you have this combination of stuff dex and armour?


Well, the +12 from the dex would be the 34 dexterity.
18 to start
+3 level
+3 ranger enhancement
+2 elf enhancement
+2 favor tome(or any other +2 tome you might have laying around)
+6 item

And the +7 armor would be the +7 race restriced armor bracers(I have some on my ranger, they rock!)