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09-01-2007, 10:09 PM
Wow its changed alot the year ive been gone i went to do my enhancements now im confused as all hell lol. Any suggestions as to which to take?

09-01-2007, 10:25 PM
Try this (http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~delallea/ddo/enh/).

09-02-2007, 10:51 AM
Welcome Back Flint! I dug through my old posts on the enhancement system and came up with only one (we had a forum error that erased a lot of threads).

My basic strategy is to sort the enhancements list by "Action Points Spent Prerequisite." I then purchase the highest price enhancements that I want from the bottom of the list. Then, if I need 1+ AP spent for progression on my next wanted enhancement, I buy cheapie enhancements higher up on the list. That way, I get all the things I want and keep progression as high as possible without adding filler enhancements.But here is the best advice from jjflanigan's Enhancement System Overview.

verything You Wanted to Know About the New Enhancement System...But Didn't Know To Ask

**Important Note***

I will not attempt to show that the new system is good or bad. I will also not comment on whether or
not characters will be more or less powerful with the new system. This document is merely to explain
how the system works and to help clear up some common questions that arise it is not meant to argue
the validity of the Progression system or any of the concepts of the new enhancements.

**End Important Note***

1) Can you summarize how the new system works?

The new enhancement system works on a progression-path concept. Each enhancement is now within
a specific enhancement group and follows a set path (normally in the form of: Enhancement I,
Enhancement II, Enhancement III, Enhancement IV). As you level, you receive AP (Action Points)
just as you did in the previous system, except you are now able to "bank" them to save them for
use in your next level. Each enhancement has a set AP cost associated with it (ranging from 1
point up to 6 points or higher). As you spend AP, you increase your "progression level". The
higher your progression level gets, the higher tier of the enhancements that you will be able
to choose.

2) I meet the level requirement for an enhancement but I still can't choose it, why?

Each enhancement has a progression requirement as well as a specific level requirement and cost.
The progression requirement is the number of AP you must have already used (spent) prior to being
able to choose that enhancement.

You can think of this as a throw-back to the previous enhancement system. In the old system any
AP that you did not spend within a given level were lost when you leveled up. The new system
allows you to save up the AP, however, you must still spend the AP from any given level within
the enhancements for the level (or lower). This ensures that you don't simply bank all of your
AP (or respec) and max out the "most powerful" enhancements available.

Progression -> Character Level
0 -> 1
4 -> 2
8 -> 3
12 -> 4
16 -> 5
20 -> 6
24 -> 7
28 -> 8
32 -> 9
36 -> 10
40 -> 11
44 -> 12
48 -> 13
52 -> 14
56 -> 15

As you can see, I list out the progression points up to level 15. The developer's have all
but stated that the level cap will be raised to 14 in Module 4. Since you are able to bank
up to 4 AP within level 14, that will enable you to have the full amount of AP you would have
when you dung 15 in Module 4.

EXAMPLE of Progression Limitation:
Sorcerer's Charisma I is listed as requiring a Progression of 4 to achieve
You could get this once you reached level 2.2. Although 4 progression points
means you are now at level 2 for the enhancement tiers, you will actually have
to be level 2.2 before you could take this enhancement. This is due to the fact
that you must spend at least 4 AP before it will be unlocked, and then have 2 AP
to spend on getting the actual enhancement.

3) Ok, but now that I met the progression requirement I still can't choose my enhancement?

It is important to note that there are two distinct types of level requirements. All enhancements
are tied to either a specific Race or Class requirement. Racial enhancements have a character
level requirement and Class enhancements have a class level requirement. You can normally tell
which type of requirement you have to meet by the name of the enhancement.

Example of a Racial Level Requirement:
Elven Dexterity I has a racial level requirement of 3
This means you must have taken at least 3 levels across all of your classes

Example of a Class Level Requirement:
Rogue Dexterity I has a class level requirement of 2
This means you must have taken at least 2 levels of rogue

4) Geeze, I meet the level and progression requirements, but I STILL can't choose my enhancement!?

An additional limiting factor for enhancements is that you must follow the progression path
of the enhancement. This means you must take level I of the enhancement before you are allowed
to choose level II (And level II before level III and so forth)

5) *cry* It's still not letting me pick the enhancement :(

You must have enough AP to pay the "cost" of the new enhancement before you are able to choose it.

6) I chose Rogue Dexterity I and now Ranger Dexterity I is not available!

With the exception of the Boost enhancements, you are only allowed to take one progression path
for any given enhancement group. This means that if you have multiple classes that grant
enhancements under a given Stat: <name> (i.e. Stat: Dexterity) or Skill: <name> (i.e. Skill: Spot)
you will only be able to take one of them (So make sure to take the one for the class you plan to
level the highest!). This does not prevent you from taking a bonus to the same skill or stat in
different groups.

Example of a limited choice
You have Rogue Dexterity and Ranger Dexterity both under Stat: Dexterity
You may only have on of these progression paths active
This also applies to the class Skill enhancements and Spell Point enhancements
(among others)

Example of a non-limited choice (Different enhancement group)
You have Rogue Dexterity under Stat: Dexterity and Elven Dexterity under Elf: Dexterity
Since these are listed under different enhancement groups, you may have both active

Example of a non-limited choice (Boost enhancements)
You have Paladin Attack Boost and Fighter Attack Boost under Action Boost: Attack
Since these are boost enhancements, you may have both paths active
(note: These will share the same cooldown timer, but have separate use counters)