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09-01-2007, 09:49 PM
Sparker - you're the guy in charge of in-game support right?

The backstory: In the merge I lost my main's name. I in-game mailed the guy who had my name, and because Thelanis people are bizzarely friendly he agreed to change his name (if granted a token) so that I could recover my name.

Heres the ticket I submitted:
ID: 308223

Ok, forgot the bug system was completely broken and you cannot cut/paste from it. In short it said:
My name was changed in the merge. Guy who has my name agreed to change his so I can have mine back. Would it be possible to give him a name change token so that I may recover my name back?

Here's the conversation I just had:
(Admin): Indyreen tells you, 'Hello, this is a Dungeons & Dragons Online Support Game Master. I am researching your issue at this time, and should be with you in a couple of moments. You can reply to my messages by typing /r and whatever message you wish to send.'
(Tell): You tell Indyreen, 'the other guy is not on but we discussed this over in-game mail some time back after the merge when I realized my name had been changed.'
(Tell): You tell Indyreen, 'obviously you'd want to verify this with him first.'

And then I get:
(Admin): Indyreen tells you, 'If your character was renamed as a result of the recent server merge, you have received a token that can be used to select a new name. To change your first name simply type /changename "newname" in the chat window, where "newname" is the new name you would like to apply to your character (Do not use quotes when entering this command). Please be careful when entering your new name; we will not correct mistakes or provide additional rename tokens. If you have used your rename token andwant to change your character name again, you will need to use the Character Rename service available at http://turbine.fuzeqna.com/turbinesupport/consumer/kbdetail.asp?kbid=37&ao=t.'

WHAT? He didnt even READ what I asked? I'm not trying to be a jerk but can he read english or did he just see the keywords 'name change' and then give me the canned response?

(Tell): You tell Indyreen, 'did you read a word I said in my ticket? Can you escilate me to tier 2 please'

I did this because I remember you saying before to ask to be escilated if theres problems... The response I received?

(Admin): Indyreen tells you, 'You can change your name with the help of /changename token.'

AAAAIIIGHHHH!!!! *ripping hair out now*

(Tell): You tell Indyreen, 'I KNOW'
(Tell): You tell Indyreen, 'that has NOTHING to do with what was in my ticket. PLEASE escilate me to a tier 2 gm'

And then I was finally told I'd be escillated.

I've seen people post before with absurd accounts of bad GM response, and you said you wanted to know about them.

Well, here's one for ya ;)

09-01-2007, 09:56 PM
After having read your response to another thread Sparker - I'll save you the trouble:

Character: Infernus-Xoriat
Server: New Xoriat. Err. I mean Thelanis
GM: Indyreen

09-01-2007, 11:12 PM
Hello, I have just confirmed with +Miranda that she had spoken with you about this issue. As such, I will close this thread and refer your concerns about how Tier I dealt with it to +Kosmo.