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09-01-2007, 04:26 PM
While its actually a palidan because it is an intimitank I decided to put it here on the fighter forums which tends to be more focused on the intimitank.

11/3 palidan/fighter dwarf

11 palidan levels gets you access to palidan's toughness IV, Aura of Good Armor III, 30 point resists, +3 divine favor, and LoH at 21 * cha mod (105 points for this build)

3 fighter gets you fighter tower shield mastery I, confirm crit I, fighter intimidate I, item defense I, fighter str I, and 2 bonus feats

Str: 16 base +3 levels +1 fighter enhancement +5 item +1 tome = 26 (28 at 1750 favor and +6 gloves)
Dex: 14 base +6 item = 20
Con: 12 base +3 item +1 tome = 16
Int: 12 base +1 tome = 13
Wis: 12 base +2 item = 14
Cha 12 base +1 enhancement +6 item +1 tome = 20

level breakdown:
1 fighter
2-7 palidan
8 fighter
9-13 palidan
14 fighter

I maxed out intimidate and UMD

1 (fighter) Dodge
1 Toughness
3 Extend Spell
6 Khopesh
8 (fighter) Improved Critical
9 Mental Toughness
12 Combat Expertise

From what I see of other intimitanks All I am really missing is the shield block feats correct? As being a palidan should make up for any saves feats taken. I don't find this much of a loss personally I don't find myself blocking enough to make it worth while IMO

AC breakdown:
10 base
14 white dragon armor
09 mithril tower shield
05 dex fighters tower shield mastery I, daggertooth belt, and dwarven armor mastery I + II
05 CE
02 chaosgaurds
03 barkskin potion
04 palidan aura
01 dodge feat
05 protection item
58 AC w/ just a barkskin potion and no chattering ring

Saves breakdown
F - 11 base +3 con +5 cha +4 GH +2 aura = +25 +3 versus spells = +28
R - 4 base +5 dex +5 cha +4 GH +2 aura +4 resistance = +24 +3 versus spells = +27
W - 4 base +2 wisdom +5 cha +4 GH +2 aura = +17 +3 versus spells = +20
goes to 32/27/24 versus spells if you can get jerky and +4 resistance ring

17 ranks
05 Cha
10 item
04 GH
01 fighter's intimidate
37 pretty good not quite 100% on all elite content but still very good IMO

8.5 ranks
05 cha
03 cartouche
04 GH
20.5 not that impressive right now but at level 16 I plan to take 1 level of rogue which will give me +8.5 UMD w/ a fighter level at 15 and maybe I get to 22 cha and then I'm at 30 UMD which is respectable for rez scrolls and what not, also longstrider scrolls might be interesting

Enhancements (not sure the order but it works out trust me):
Bulwark of good I-III 12 12
Aura of good saves I 2 14
Palidan toughness I-III 6 20
Dwarven toughness I-III 6 26
Tower shield mastery I 2 28
Dwarven armor mastery I-II 6 34
Confirm crit I 1 35
Item defense I 1 36
Dwarven faith I 1 37
Palidan energy of the templar I-II 3 40
Dwarven spell defense I 1 41
Fighter strength I 2 43
Palidan charisma I 2 45
Fighter intimidate I 1 46
Extra LoH I-II 6 52

I have 4 points left to spend that will depend on the aqcuisition of the pouch of jerky and whether or not I keep extend or not when Mod 5 goes live or switch to improved mental toughness will prolly either be dwarven toughness IV or Dwarven Faith 2, dwarven spell defense 2 or aura of good saves 2

020 heroic duribility
140 fighter/paly levels
042 Con
030 greater false life
010 GH favor
016 toughness
060 toughness enhancements

97 Base
40 ability bonus
75 mental toughness
55 enhancements
70 PoP 7

Item selection:
Goggles: really won't matter but I'm still using trapblast goggles for now lol
Helm: +2 wisdom helm of intimidation +10 (nifty combo and a +3/+10 could exist RR and then you eat a wisdom tome for 16 wisdom) hopefully switch this out for the dragon helm eventually
Necklace: +5 prot/golden cartouche
Trinket: PoP 7 currently hoping for pouch of jerky to free up a ring slot for resistance item
Cloak: +6 cha
Belt: Daggertooth belt/planar girds
Ring #1: +6 dex ring (+5 and +1 tome works too)
Ring #2: Greater false life hope to switch out for resistance +4
Boots: +25% striding
Gloves: +5 str (+6 at 1750 favor)
Bracers: Chaosgaurds

I'd like to know what you guys think!

09-14-2007, 12:14 PM

09-14-2007, 12:57 PM
If you're thinking of adding rogue into the mix I'd make the split 11/2/1 and take Rogue at level 1. This would give you the added skill points and it also lets you cross class UMD up to 17 ranks.

I still like the more fighter oriented builds a little more than the Pally build due to the extra combat feats. Take a look at Selgar for a more fighter based version with umd etc...


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09-14-2007, 05:58 PM
The way they are doing extend in mod 5 will make Extend Spell pretty useless for this character so I'd swap that for something else you want. I might reach for more HP rather than wisdom but the stat's are generaly fine here.

09-16-2007, 10:17 PM
The rogue level is going in at level 16 (and eventually a 2nd one at level 20)
this will give me an ending split of 11/7/2 giving me access to tier 3 aura enhancements fighter str II (theres no garuntee IV will be added), tower shield mastery II, maximum UMD ranks, Evasion, 30 pt. resists etc...

Since level 5 fighter and level 12 palidan wont really add much to the build at 16 I will put in the rogue because +8 umd (9 skill points -1 to keep intimidate maxed) is going to be worth more to me then a few hps and some minor enhancements and what not

I went the palidan/fighter route because it meant I didnt have to get my dex as high as a fighter/palidan to maintain the same AC

The fighter feats I would probably spend on weapon Foc./Spec feats and divine favor +3/+3 is just as good as greater weapon focus and weapon spec. along w/ +2 str from fighter str...

thats just me tho...

And the added self sufficiency of 30 pt. resists is really nice when you have no slots for a greater resist item...

Ya I was planning on taking IMT when they change extend since my mana will be less efficient but I'm not sure whether I will need that much mana and 318 hp is plenty and since I picked up aura of good saves 2 when I capped w/o much thought I will be dropping this for toughness IV and droping GFL for resistance +4 giving me +3 saves and -10 hitpoints... although now its just about finding the sweet spot not sure if my saves will then be overkill...

318 hitpoints is more than enough in Gianthold elite if you can get your AC north of 50ish I would say... south of that hitpoints matter much more

09-17-2007, 12:01 PM
Sounds like we're pretty much trying to do the same thing over lapping Fighter and Pali to maximize Aura/Armor mastery AC bonuses. I'm just approaching it from the other side with a higher dex since I was building this with Evasion in mind from the get go.

The other thought, not that it's huge is, is khopesh worth the feat since you already have Dwarven Axe for free? I'd consider going CE there and taking Imp Trip for a little additional melee crowd control at 12.

Nexiv my drow 8/3/3 build uses Khopesh and for her build it's great... Selgar has the axe enhancement line which made me think that Khopesh wouldn't really help the build as much as just taking the free Dwarven Axe. I just didn't know if you were thinking down the line if you were going to add any of the Axe attack/Dammage enhancements and if so then I might swap khopesh out at that point.

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09-17-2007, 06:39 PM
Well coming from a point where I have about 10 good khopeshes and 1-3 REALLY NICE ones and maybe a full set of greater banes in Dwarven axes - 1-3 I havnt found yet (dont ask me why I collect um I just do...) I just think that for this build there were much better enhancements then +1 to-hit and what not so I figured since there wasnt really much else I would want feat wise, I figured why not? I also like the graphics of a khopesh over a dwarven axe... just personal preference I guess...

I am a decent twitch player but between hitting intimidate every 10 seconds and swinging (and keeping a stray eye on hp bars to unleash a needed LoH) I just don't remember to use trip... I never really thought about it to tell you the truth...

Looking back on it I would probably have gone something closer to what your build is (I like it a lot) my AC seems to be just a tad bit of overkill to tell you the truth and evasion would be awesome (not to mention a good UMD)