View Full Version : A Lowly Cleric's humble offerings.

09-01-2007, 12:11 PM
2 +1 str tomes V S
+1 con tome V
2 +1 wis tome V
7 assorted scales

Normal type weapons:
+3 Holy Silver Maul of Pure Good V

Big 5 Weapons:
+1 ghost touch qstaff of disruption S
+1 paralizing lt. mace of shatter +2
+2 Ghost touch great axe of disruption V
+2 vorpal Khopesh
+1 dagger of disruption

Bane Weapons:
+1 Seeker (+4) dagger of grtr orc bane V
+3 ghost touch Great club of Grtr Construct Bane. V
+4 dagger of grtr dragon bane

+2 Twilight Mithral Breastplate V
+3 Mithral Full plate S
+4 Mithral Full plate S

Str 6 Bracers
Int 6 Ring RR WF ML 13
16 res cakes
Cha 4 Resist 1 cloak
Str 1 Grtr false life belt
Str 1 hvy fort belt
str 2 belt of mod fort
Cha 5 Resist 2 Cloak R/R WF
perform 13 gloves r/r dwarf
int 5 dd 3 ring
str 5 rep 3 gloves
open lock +15 gloves r/r wf
wis 6 haggle neck r/r human
reaver ring
int 6 dd 3 ring r/r wf
ring of hvy fort
ring of grtr false life
fearsome robe of power 7

feel free to make an offer, some of these items will be very expensive.

What I am looking for,
very nice bursting light picks.
wizardry 6 or 7 helm or ring
Superior Potency 6 one handed item.
Superior devotion 7 one handed item.