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09-01-2007, 10:16 AM
Let me start off by saying that I love this game. I play nearly every day and enjoy it immensely. I never had any intention of quitting the game nor do I have any now. I am not planning on having a whiny 'do this or I'm leaving' kinda post like so many I see. But recently, I've begun to think about why I'd quit, just a a little, and I think I know what would cause me to do it. I can sum it up in 2 points.

1. The rules will never be perfect, nor will game mechanics. I can accept this. Until Star Trek level technology becomes available and we can play d&d online in a world that perfectly mimics the real one except with real magic, the rules and mechanics will always have some problems, and yes, always have some exploits. So really, I don't care what those are. I would just like them to be constants. Some changes to the game have been good, others not, imo. But I would really still love this game and be playing it just as much if they had not changed a single mechanic since headstart. To be good at a game you must simply be good at maximizing your ability to do well within that game's rules. Changing the rules makes it a new game. I'd rather only play one game.

2. While devs have been busy refining/balancing/altering mechanics and rules, new content addition has slowed and slowed and slowed. When I bought this game, Turbine said that they planned to have monks, druids, half-orcs, half-elves and 20 levels by the end of 2006. Let me say that again- 2006! That shortly thereafter they would be working on implementing prestige classes and epic levels in short order. Those were my expectations when I bought this game and began investing lots and lots of time into being good at it, having high level characters, and top-quality gear, which takes a very long time to do. Now it is mid 2007 and maybe by the beginning of 2008 we may see level 16 and monks only. (I always played a Druid in D&D, btw).

If devs continue to focus as much as they have on changing the rules/mechanics of this game, rather than COMPLETING IT (imo it is not finished till we have all base classes, races, and 20 levels at least), and the trend continues to move in the direction of slower and slower content addition and faster and faster switching around of the rules, I may eventually get fed up enough by rules changes that alter the way I would have designed my toons a YEAR AGO when I thought I was making them for the long haul, or get bored enough because I've run every quest that I find moderately interesting 100+ times and cant think of any way to improve the gear on any of my existing characters, and leave. I will not infinitely reroll and "beat" the game over and over any more than I will play a game of tic-tac-toe with any of you.

I really like this game. I want to keep playing it. I intend to. But please, please, devs, reverse course on what you are investing your time in. Keep the rules exactly as they are now, or whatever way. Finish making DDO before you worry about fixing the HALF of it we have. Or AT LEAST explain why these two things have are happening and convince me I've got a future here. (state of the game address, with actual candor, perhaps?)

Just my 2 cents.