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09-01-2007, 10:04 AM
Posted in the Barb forums also.

Screenshots for proof: (Borrowed from Renegade's thread)
Fight 1: http://www.geocities.com/renegade66.geo/ScreenShot00142
Fight 2: http://www.geocities.com/renegade66.geo/ScreenShot00146

Well, Renegade had our little meet up this morning, and the tally is in. We did 2 fights and I will discuss them both. We chose to do Madstone Elite. The buffs we had were Greater Hero, Haste, Barkskin, and he was raged of course. I brought a Clr friend, and he brought a caster friend. The Clr and Caster were to only kill in self defense, if it was a mob tehy couldn't stop and we weren't able to get back to them to help. So all in all the only source of kills were on us two. In order for me to win the gentlemen's bet, I had to stop him from outkilling me 2 to 1.

Fight 1: Me vs. Jellybean

I was a bit dismayed when we gathered at Madstone to see that Jellybean was wielding 2 Rapiers. I knew the outcome then and there. 2 normal looking rapiers in anyones hands.... WELL he was dual wielding Wounding/Puncturing Rapiers. I knew there was no way that I could compete with that. I came out swingin though.

Jellybean (14 Barb): 169
Krakilor (14 Ftr): 26

I pretty much threw out the DPS within the first 15 mins of the match. Anything he touched died. It was really insane, though very fun to watch. He could easily 2 shot any fleshy mob in there from what I could see. I couldn't keep up with that so I went to the Vorpal and sprayed and prayed for a 20. Most of the kills that I got were probably from my disruptor, though I did get a few vorpals too.

Fight 2: Me Vs. Blutus

After our first go, he decided to swap out to his SoS Barb and see how it fared. So he brought Blutus and we went for all DPS, no punc/wound or any other instakills besides disruptors. This went a bit better though was still hard to keep up with. At first I was able to kill undead very well with my disruptor. We started out having a score of 6-5 with him in the lead. then towards the middle we both were getting saved quite a bit, and went to DPS weapons on undead giants, which for me was much slower going than for him in 2H mode, and he started to pull away. I eventually swapped back to Disruptor trying to eek a little more dignity out of the kill count.

Blutus (14 Barb): 121 Kills
Krakilor (14 Ftr): 56 Kills

I nearly made the 2/1 margin, but I was 9.5 kills short. It was a very good competition though. I had a lot of fun. Good to meet and play with more people that know what they are doing. Renegade's builds are really great. Jellybean is the best killing build that I have ever run with.

I believe that if I had been a Two Handed fighter build I could have kept possibly quite a bit closer to Blutus. No one will be able to keep up with Jellybean.

Krakilor isn't truly built for mass destruction, hate, and discontent. He is a versatility Dwarven Tactics build. High AC, 100% Fort, 370 HP's. I always do well in groups most of the time leading the kill count, but I am very well geared for what I do. Vs another well geared, and very well skilled Barbarian, I have no chance. Vs mediocre Barbarians with decent gear, I will win. But this was 2 great players playing great builds, with great gear, and his Barbarians Decraptitated me.

So here it is formally. I have been converted there is no DD/DPSer as good as a well geared, well equipped, very skilled Barbarian.

Renegade was a good sport about it though, no rubbing it in or making me feel like a horses patuty. It was a very professional match up vs. 2 mature men, who wanted to see results and not measure E-peens.

Very fun to do, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good challenge. I thought it was really cool to go into Madstone and 4 man it with ease. First run went insanely fast. Though that wasn't due to my insanity. Jellybean didn't need any other melees there. He could have had a pocket caster and a pocket clr and done it easily with just those 3 and him doing all the killing. 2nd run went well, still pretty fast especially for Madstone Elite.

All in all good bout of fun. I look forward to doing it again when I get my 2h Fighter going.

If anyone has any questions about my build or gear feel free to ask.

09-01-2007, 07:06 PM
Tell us about Jellybean's build!

09-02-2007, 11:28 AM
If I remember correctly Jellybean is a lvl 14 Elf/Drow Barbarian with GTWF, IC: Peircing, the barbarian crit enhancements and all sorts of spiffy specialty rapiers.

Now there are 2 problems with this comparison.

1) Different killing styles. You mentioned the fighters went DPS while the barbarians went ginsu with the wounding of puncturings... Gee I wonder why they won. (It has nothing to do with the build and everything to do with gear.) Try that approach on a boss and see how far you get.

2) Different players. I'd like to see you guys trade gear and switch accounts for another contest. I bet the barbarians would lose.

09-03-2007, 01:18 PM
As I posted in the other thread,

this really isn't about ftr v. barb, or build v. build.

It's all about dual wielding w/p rapiers v. some other weapon.