View Full Version : Mature veteran player looking for asian timezone (GMT+8) raiding guild

09-01-2007, 01:45 AM
L14 elven cleric (max wis/mana/heal efficiency) and L14 drow paladin (with vorpal/para/smiting/banishnig/disrupt/most of gtr bane weaps) with raid ready gears looking for asian timezone raiding guild with at least 1-2 raids during weekdays, between 10pm to 12 midnight (GMT+8).

Guild size is not a problem as long as there are players who can know how to do 1-2 grps or less than 6 men raids.

PM or post here is most welcome, thanks. :o

PS: I knew there are alot of nice raiding guilds in the server but I have problem finding one which raids during my timezone. I raid most of the time with PUGs and I would like to settle down with a guild (or a grp of players) for regular raidings.