View Full Version : Feign Death (or don't make me heal when incapacitated)

08-31-2007, 05:19 PM
I pointed out on another thread that naturally healing when incapacitated can be a very bad thing: when I heal up to 1 HP, nearby monsters stop ignoring me and hit me hard. So that last point of healing brings me from 0 HP to -30 HP. :(

After a battle is over, I wouldn't mind naturally recovering from being incapacitated. This is especially true in a two-man group. When my squishy sorcerer becomes incapacitated during a battle, I would like to wait until the fighter finishes killing things before I wake up.

I would certainly like the option to hit the snooze button so that I don't wake up with 1 HP in the middle of combat.

I'm also wondering if there would be value in a bluff-based Feign Death (like the old spell.) I know that Diplomacy will get rid of some aggro, but I would sometimes like to play dead and be ignored. Let me know if you're considering this so that I can start putting points into my Sorcerer's Bluff skill. ;)