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08-31-2007, 03:01 PM
hello all i have rolled up my 1st caster and it is a sorc i have goting him to lvl 7 and i'm haveing a ton of fun... im not a noob to the game i do have 2 lvl 14 clerics.

now what i seem to be haveing a porblem with is picking my spells.
as in what are must haves and feats.. emp over max... all that type of stuff dose anyone mind helping me out and leting me know what are the MUST have spells.. and feats im a drow and have maxed out my CHR to 20

08-31-2007, 03:28 PM
I think you will find this is a widely debated topic.

If you are unsure of what spells you want it is hard to pick feats that will assist you.

I can show you what I picked and why, and I am sure others will do the same. For a sorcerer it really comes down to playstyle.

I have the following feats.

Spell Focus: Illusion
Greater Spell Focus: Illusion
Skill Focus: UMD

L1 Jump, Ray of Enfeeblement. Magic Missie, Niacs
L2 Web, Scorching Ray, Resists, False Life
L3 Haste, Displacement, Fireball, Rage
L4 Firewall, Stoneskin, PK, Fear
L5 CK, Cone of Cold, Teleport
L6 Flesh to Stone, Mass Suggestion
L7 Dancing Ball

Some would argue that it is a waste to spend two feats on one spell and that finger of death is better for instakill.

I have found that with two feats I can PK just about anything that is PK'able. With improved heighten pk cost less than finger of death. PK also has a faster cooldown by .7 seconds. Enough to matter when picking off multiple mobs.

I have found with this build I can make my self useful in any situation. The way I see it I want the highest possible dc for my pk since it has two saves, but the other spells i use I cast them against the mobs weaker saves.

Dancing Ball= Big ugly fighter
FtS= Nasty Mages
Fear= Big nasty fighters that are aggroing me. (Which even if failed causes -2 on saves and helps the pk.)

I am also not slacking in my nuking abilities either. Despite what some people say, maximize alone will get you through any quest currently in the game. Not to say that having extend or empower are not worth it. They can be if that's your playstyle.

For me though I wanted to be able to insta'kill anything that can be, nuke those that can not, and web the ones that have alot of spell resistance. This works out really well for me.

Spell penetration is important, but I have been surprised at how easy I can bypass sr using a greater spell penetration item and two levels of the enhancements. I was able to bypass sr enough that I took sf:umd for my last feat to get my umd into the 30's.

Another option would be take mental toughness and improved mental toughness. This would be good if you did not want to focus in a particular type of spell. Spell points will always benefit you. Some say that sorcerer already get so much so why take more, but that is ********. That is like saying my barbarian already does so much damage why increase it.

If you follow this line then you want to pick up a set of spells that can be useful against all the mobs.

Web or Glitterdust= against high SR enemies. Conjuration spells are not effected by SR because you creating something tangible.

Hold Monster, Disco Ball, Fear= Low will save enemies...Fighter types that come charging at you with mellee weapons.

Flesh to Stone, Finger of Death=Low fortitude mobs or spell caster types.

You can even still be effective with PK, but use it against archers, air elementals...etc

Always carry scrolls of enervate. Enervate does not have a save so you can use it against enemies that do not have SR to lower their saves, before trying to land a spell. <ie> enervate-->earth elemental-->pk

Plus with the added spell points you can blow stuff up that much more. :)

09-01-2007, 02:55 AM
umm we have guides posted here. Although we still bicker for details, it has a lot of great information on how to advance and what spells you choose on level up.

09-01-2007, 04:11 PM
wow nice thanks for the help

09-07-2007, 09:52 AM
MUST have spells..

There are no "MUST have" spells, do what you like and have fun :)

Did you check out aspenor's guides? Very good info in there as well on what spells are effective on what mobs.

P.S. Nice build Wiglin

09-07-2007, 01:06 PM
umm we have guides posted here. Although we still bicker for details, it has a lot of great information on how to advance and what spells you choose on level up.

My opinions > Everybody else's :rolleyes: :D :eek:

09-07-2007, 02:09 PM
My opinions > Everybody else's :rolleyes: :D :eek:
or at least louder and more longwinded anyway :rolleyes:

09-07-2007, 04:03 PM
or at least louder and more longwinded anyway :rolleyes:

Umm, have you seen my replies to stuff? I do think that I win in the "longwinded" category. :p

Feats and such depend on what you intend to do with the sorcerer, but the nice thing is, you can change it all around to accomodate another playstyle. Want to PK alot? Get the skill focus: Illusion feat, and maybe the spell pen feat & enhancements (your hypno-bubble will stop a mack truck too, btw). Want to try charming and disco balls? Burn a dragon shard or two and try SF: enchantment. DPS? Maximize/empower/extend ftw!

Almost everyone agrees that the one thing you gotta do on a pure sorcerer is raise the charisma as much as possible. There is argument over dex/str/con for the remaining points and what to do with your skill points. Other than that, everything is adjustable. Try it. Hate it? Change it.

My personal set-up:
Drow level 14 Neutral Sorc
Charisma 20 + levels, enhancements, tome, item = 34
All remaining ability points into con
All skill points into concentration and UMD
Action points into fire/ice lines, spell pen, dragonblood
Feats: Maximize, Empower, heighten, Extend, Spell Penetration

PK/FoD almost everything, fry everything else with huge firewalls/scorching rays along with the occasional FtS and hypno-bubble. Cast elemental resists and prots, greater heroism, haste. Wand stoneskin, lessor restore, etc.. Scroll Raise Dead, summon monster 7, etc..

Easy to build, equip, and play... but be warned; running a drow sorcerer will give you a superiority complex. ;)