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08-30-2007, 11:48 AM
Indago - The Basics

Language: English
Primary Time Zone: GMT -5 [EST]
Focus: Raiding
Role Play: None
Server Name: Thelanis
Recruiting: Always looking for good players looking for a home
Races Accepted: All
Classes Accepted: All

Mission Statement - Our Goal

Indago is built around the Latin meaning, which is “to explore”. With that in mind, as members of Indago, we explore anything potentially beneficial to us, as efficiently as possible. Indago is a tight-knit guild whose members aspire to be among the greatest in Stormreach, but more importantly, have a lot of fun in doing so.

Indago is a raiding guild with a casual approach. Casual in the sense that we have several scheduled raids weekly and some unscheduled raids almost daily, but have no attendance requirements. If you can only raid 2 days a week, great, if you can raid every day, even better. Indago is currently the most active (and among the most efficient-- getting it done quickly), raiding guild on Thelanis. Indago has hardcore members that play 6-8 hours a day, and we also have casual members that play 6-8 hours a week. No matter what your play style, you can find somebody with similar ideals in Indago.

Membership – Expectations

While Indago is a casual guild, there are some expectations that should be followed by ALL members:

I will be kind, helpful and respectful to all my guild mates in all forms of online interactions, including but not limited to: guild chat, raid chat, personal messages and voice chat. I will not make personal attacks on any guild mate no matter what the circumstance. In the event that I have been accused of a personal attack I will provide the guild leader with my side of the story and accept all responsibility, judgment, and punishment as such. Indago’s diversity is what really makes us a family.

I am a master of my class and will play to my full potential. In situations where I know I cannot play to my full potential due to but not limited to: the influence of a foreign substances, broken hands, lag, etc... I will make this clear and obvious to my other guild mates before embarking on any given adventure.

The Latin meaning of Indago is to explore. Stormreach is a vast world worthy of our exploration and if we happen to fall upon lots of treasure that makes us rich and even more powerful, then that is the benefit of exploring our world. We intend to seek as much great loot as possible and have fun finding it.

If I wish to use exploits, that is my own business, however I will not talk about exploits with other guild members.

I will take opportunities to lovingly joke and tease my guild mates capitalizing on their personalities and actions both in the game and out.

And, finally, I accept Indago as my home and its members as my family within Stormreach, and as a member of Indago I realize that I represent the guild in all my endeavors throughout Stormreach, and as such will do my best to contribute to a good standing of guild reputation with all players within the Thelanis player community.

Distribution – Raid Loot

Module 5 introduces a new loot distribution mechanic. As such, Indago's loot policy will be changing. We will still try to keep some of the core benefits of DKP however, and those are:

i. adding incentive to raid even if you don't need anything from the raid, via awarding raid attendance points (DKP)

ii. ensuring the people who put the most time into raiding with the guild are properly rewarded, via a function of raid attendance minus loot awarded

Our new DKP system ensures that all players benefit, but the players that raid the most will also benefit the most. To read more about our new DKP system, please check out http://www.indago.mmoguildsites.net/pages/charter

Structure – Ranks

Dolfax – Guild leader

Dryth - Second in Command

Vhlad - Sr. Officer

Alfyn – Officer/Forums

Mortanius – Officer/Recruitment

Aellith – Officer/Recruitment

Final - Enlistment

Now that you know more about Indago, we’d like to see you in game! PM me on the forums or talk to one of the recruitment officers (Aellith/Nimyth/Mortanius/Cinhil/Mortx) in game or any of the other officers mentioned above and we’d like to talk to you a bit and find more information about you. After that we’d also like to bring you along on a couple quests/raids to see if you’re a competent player (we don’t care if you’re the best or not, but if you’re a cleric and you run out of SP in 5 minutes or if you’re a tank with 30 AC and 150 HP, it might not work out too well). If you have any questions relating to the guild or otherwise, feel free to PM me in the forums or bring it up to an officer! In the meantime, check out our site at: www.indago.mmoguildsites.net

Thank you for your time and perhaps your next guild will be ours!