View Full Version : dndclient.exe has encountered a problem and must close when loading Risia

08-30-2007, 06:11 AM
Geting the above error when I try to load Risia, happens on the splash screen advertising the new MOD once the blue bar gets to the end.

Athlon 64 3200+
Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard
2gb memory
512mb Gainward 7800GS+ Videocard

Contents of dndclient.log:

000000011.239: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Validating credentials...
000498906.001: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Loading subscription data...
000498906.001: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Loading character data...
000498906.001: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_WorldName: Risia
000498906.950: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_DisplayStringInfo: Receiving character data...
000498906.950: GlobalEventHandler::RecvEvt_CharSet: called.
000498909.414: ----CRASH REPORT START----
000498909.414: Program fault: ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) trying to write to 0x000001C3
000498909.414: Detailed report:

Current local time: Thu Aug 30 21:04:56 2007

Version Report generated by CoreVersion : 2.0.84 (0x02000054):
Language: English (United States)
CompanyName : Turbine, Inc.
FileDescription :
FileVersion :
InternalName : dndclient
LegalCopyright : Copyright © 1997-2007 Turbine, Inc.
OriginalFilename : dndclient.exe
ProductName : dndclient
ProductVersion : Mod5.0
Comments : compiled Mon Aug 20 04:08:15 2007 : retail
TurbineBuildVersion :
TurbineType : Player External

000498909.414: ----CRASH REPORT END----

Have no problems at all with my normal DDO install, but Risia wont get past the splash screen, let me know if there is any other info needed.