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08-28-2007, 02:05 PM
Hi all. Question for you. This is going to be rather hard to back track, but I was wondering. Does DDO running with Explorer version 7 run worse than running with version 6?

The reason I ask is that my fieance never had problems with DDO until the last 3 months or so. In that the game lags on her, and it is a PC lag. (I've watched it.) I give the time frame of 3 months because that is when she started to get vocal about it. (no telling how long it has actually been going on.) The lag is MUCH more prevalent with melee compared to distance.

She has not installed anything new on her own. (this does not include M.S. updates, anti viri updates, etc.)
She has no detectable virus or malware.
She is running on a compaq seperon 1.8 gig?, 1 gig ram, and 6800 nVidia card. (I'm pulling this out of memory, and no, no more ram can be installed. Mobo won't recognize more.)

I can't really compare her system to my own as I'm runing an amd dual core, 2 gig, 7900 GT (and no heating issues. woot!) But my playing of DDO hasn't changed much at all. (much being server merge based issues.)

anti virus for the both of us is AVG, firewall happens to be windows.

Could the jump from Explorer 6 to 7 be the cause of her issues?

08-28-2007, 02:18 PM
Could the jump from Explorer 6 to 7 be the cause of her issues?

It's possible. I'd say wait for Mod 5 to release and see what the new engine does for her. If that doesn't solve it, then I'd say it's time to try and backtrack to IE 6... If it's even possible. I've had several people tell me that you can't go back once you upgrade. (Although Microsoft insists that's not the case now.)

08-29-2007, 09:36 AM
You dont even need Internet explorer on you computer to play DDO.

You need .Net 1.1 sp1 installed

You need a good Graphics card to have very litlle lag

atleast 2gigs to have very little lag though you can have 1 gig and have very little problems.

processor not as important as long as it meets minimum to play DDO.

And You need a decent connection and I am not talking about the speed of your connection you need a stable, error free connection.

When I started playing DDO I had alot of lag. My system had 1 gig memory, Geforce 7600GT OC and I had tad bit slower processor and I had a 3,000/512 DSL connection with a very low latency.

Now I dont get any lag except when the whole party receives the same server side lag. I improved my processor, went to 2 gigs memory, and I made big improvement to my graphics card( Geforce 8800GTS) and I have now have a Cable connection(10.0) with a higher latency.

08-30-2007, 09:53 AM
I figured someone would read what I had to say and go off and spout about hardware even though that was NOT the question at all.

While you are correct that I.E..... actually, given their in game bug report forms, I think you actually do need I.E. installed, or at least parts of the libraries it uses. Maybe .net contains it, maybe not, I don't know.

The fact is, Boz, I.E. 7 can screw up the O.S. in general. Saw that happen a lot which each version of integrated I.E. they release which is why I NEVER use the latest and greatest from M.S. for at least a year if I can at all help it.