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08-27-2007, 08:42 PM
Alright, I'm at level nine currently and I just want to know first impressions of this build.

WF Wizzard

Con 20
Int 18

Mith Body
Admantine X 4

Repair line/Force Line
Wizzy Int
Wizzt sp
ASF reduction line

Important Items
Skyvault Sheild
Seven Fingered Gloves
Arcane Sigil Docent

Once I have the Gloves trade out Mith for Admantine

I can't tell how much this will hurt at higher levels, so I need best estimate, also I know my sp is going to be low, but I'll get 30 int at the end, 32 with favor tome.

Also with high enough docent with AS on it I should be able to get relatively high ac right?

suggestions, derailments, anything.

Enjoyment factor: Pretty fun, although I do already have a capped sorc, so wizzy is constantly measured agains that character.


08-27-2007, 09:26 PM
In your feats you list ady x4 I assume this means improved damage reduction? If this is the case I would drop all for pick up mental toughness, improved mental toughness, and then you have 2 feats to play around with... spell focus necromancy for FoD/symbol of fear, spell focus enchantment for CC, or maybe improved spell penetration... all could be useful and then w/ ur extra 150 sp from the mental toughness/IMT just keep urself perma stoneskinned as I do not believe the DR will stack... Maximize could also help for when you need to bring the heat as well...