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08-27-2007, 03:13 PM
Quit spinning your wheels with Mod .125 and 1/2. Don't waste your time with Necropol-ass 3. Don't even worry about half-elves they are humans who are immune to sleep if someone wants Tanis Half-Elven just make him human if you want a beard, elf if you want the unbearded version.

DDO needs Overhaulin, it needs Pimp-My-Ride, some fuzzy dice or some beaded seat covers every now and then aint cuttin it.

Make it a box, I would pay extra at this point. I pay 15 a month an extra 30 for a big improvement would be just fine.

Something along the lines of 3-4 more races,optional sub-races on elves,dwarves, maybe even planetouched, 10 or so classes/prestige classes. This is the most important part I think, character creation is what makes D&D better than the rest and for many of us it's our favorite part of the entire game.

4 levels of new content.Yes 14-18 or 16-20 so we get to grind on our mains again not just hit level cap again in one afternoon. Some new fresh ideas or just draw on the MASSIVE amount of content already provided by the D&D universe. 2-3 more raids and at least one of them near impossible with a fully decked out maxed level full raid group.

I'm not trying to slam you guys because I love Gianthold, I love any quest where you fight not one but 3 separate dragons of different colors!!!! Yes that was freakin awesome!!! I just think that this approach has a higher possibility of breathing new life into the game as opposed to uhh, well this week y'all we're workin on making old raids harder so it will be a little bit of a different experience than it is now at least until you figure out the next bug,exploit,or generally not as it was intended way that makes it sooo much easier.

08-27-2007, 03:18 PM
Dude they are so far from any of that it would take them 2 years to create that much content. After a year and a half they haven't even created 1 new class. And only 1 race that has the same exact skins, with different coloring.

I am so with you though.

08-27-2007, 03:45 PM