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08-27-2007, 03:43 AM
I am looking to make a character like Bruce Willis from unbreakable.

Huge AC
and Huge Intimidate

I would like to do some good damage, but that is secondary. The main goal is that he can **** everyone off (with intimidate and damage) and have so much AC, that no one can touch him.

So far a few races come to mind
Drow, Human, Dwarf, and Halfling

Drow and Halfling have a plus to dex and because of that I will probably have to go with them.

I like Dwarf because of their bonus to Axes and Con.

I was initially planning on focusing on Two Handed Fighting as well as Shield and Sword. Swing the big axe a few times and switch to the shield once everyone is focused on me. But It seems like I will have to put so much into dex that Weapon Finesse is the best bet.

Lets give a try to this (let me know what you think)
Drow Fighter
Str 14
Dex 18
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 12
Chr 10

Weapon Finesse
Combat Expertise
Power Attack
Great Cleve
Skill Focus Intimidate
Improved Trip

Armor Master 1-3
Tower Shield Mastery 1-3
Elven Dex 1, 2

Ability Increase
+3 dex

We will end up with
24 Dex, +6
Mitheral Plate Mail
Mitheral Tower Shield
Short Sword/ Rapier

I have no idea what the dex bonus will be, but it sounds like I might need a higher dex to take full advantage. Can someone help me out with this build, i am sure it needs some work.

08-28-2007, 02:58 PM
Max AC would be a dwarf because they get both the fighters armor line and the dwarven armor line - total of +5 max bonus (3fighter/2dwarf)

Could also go halfling since you put str to 14, not much would change. And they get a natrual +1 with out the expensive enhancement line and they get bonus to dex I think? - If they do that would be a better choice for AC purposes.

But what the dwarf does get is the axe enhancements that will offset that low str.

You can pull +4MFP pretty easily and dump the tower. So it would be (using easy to get non-raid loot):

10 base
15AC +4MFP (could be 16)
7 Shield
3 Fighter enhancement line
1/2 Halfling or Dwarf
2 Invaders ring
2 Chaos guard
4 Protection item (could be 5)
5 CE
1 Dodge
50 Halfling - 51 Dwarf - 52/53 Max

Total dex bonus needed would be +3 Ling/+5 Dwarf
Guess the tower would be viable on the Ling adding that missing AC point. Or would it add 2? I never use them so I dont remember.

Add in the fighter action boost and/or a paly aura giving +5 or +2 aura/+5 boost and you have a nice standing AC unbuffed. Throw in a barkskin pot for another +3 break 60 solo.

My advice to you having several defensive tanks is dont forget about offense. There is something to the concept of kill it before it hurts you. You only need a 16starting STR and weapon special and greater focus to be decent offensively. Not gonna dominate any kill charts, but you can take down even the nastiest mobs with no assistance. Focus on the highest possible + to hit weapons and try to use destruction and/or cursing to further add to DPS and defense.


08-28-2007, 04:40 PM
Power Attack AND Combat Expertise, with a starting Str of 14? Yeah your not gonna hit much. I would leave out Power Attack. Much better to hit for some damage, than not hit for lots, right?

I started mine with:

16 Str + 6 item + 2 tome +2 enhancement +2 level raises for 28.
17 Dex + 6 item +1 level raise for 24.
11 Con + 6 item +2 enhancement + 1 tome for 20.
13 Int + 1 tome for 14, for Combat Expertise only.
8 Wis, unfortunately no room for an item.
6 Cha, dump stat.

Throw in a +5 weapon, and i'm easily hitting over 30 to hit. 35+ With the right buffs. That is plentiful. My first fighter has a 28 str and a 20 con... 370 HP and +35 to hit, but 25 less AC. He hits just fine, the new version will be even better.

Here is what it will have:

10 base
+13, +5 Mithral Fullplate (Armor)
+7, +5 Heavy Shield (Shield)
+7, Dex Bonus (24 Dex and 2 of each of the armor masteries, with your base of 18, you could get 28 with +2 tome and 2 level ups, for a +9 dex bonus with 3 armor masteries from dwarf and fighter respectively. Dk was wrong in saying dwarves only have +2 armor mastery. They get +3)
+5, Ranger Barkskin (Natural)
+5, Protection Item. (Deflection)
+1, Dodge Feat (Dodge)
+3, Chattering Ring (Dodge)
+2, Chaosgarde (Dodge)
+5, Combat Expertise (Dodge)
+1, Haste (Dodge)
+1, Parrying (Insight)
+2, Recitation (Luck)
+4, Paladin Aura (Misc)

66 AC

Of course that's buffed and special items. I raised intimidate every level, with a +10 item, and 12 level ups, he has a 25 - 8 charisma doesnt help it much.

Now, depending on your final dex is how you should figure which shield to use...

24 dex = +7 bonus.

Mithral Tower Shield with 3 Tower Shield Masteries has +7 dex bonus, so thats 2 more ac than a heavy shield.

26 dex = +8 bonus.

Same as above, but the Tower Shield limits you to +7 dex bonus again, now its only 1 AC greater than the heavy shield.

28 dex = +9 bonus.

Both Shields now give equal AC, but the tower gives a penalty to hit, personally i'm going heavy shield here.

If you are jet-set about having something for definite, be it the drow, or the weapon finesse, just let me know here, i'm not trying to force my build on you, and would be happy to work with whichever option you really want to include.

08-29-2007, 10:54 AM
Power Attack AND Combat Expertise, with a starting Str of 14? Yeah your not gonna hit much. I would leave out Power Attack. Much better to hit for some damage, than not hit for lots, right?

Since they are both stances he can only run one at any given time.

Since he is going for an AC build, I would imagine that one will often be Combat Expertise.

Then why the Power Attack? Because it is a prerequisite for the Cleave and Great Cleave.

08-30-2007, 10:47 AM
Just a tip, if u wanna get max ac i suggest...going 11 fighter/ 3 pali , an extra 2 Ac , bonus to saves , an immunity to fear an disiese:) It makes for a more withstanding tank in my opionon

My main azrealla has a 54 ac unbuffed with out combert exp. She uses power attack an cleave to hold aggro an does a great job at it :)

+6 dex mod

+5 mith plate of axeblock :D

Choas guards

+5 prot cloak

Chattering ring

Seal of earth

+5 mith tower sheild

fighter armour mastery 3

an burwak of good enchanment

an feat dodge

not sure if u r able to acess the raids rings , but if u r this is a great build for high ac, saves, an dps all in one :)

08-31-2007, 04:30 PM
Or you can go 11 paly 3 fighter like I did:

30 point resists -
Great saves -
+3 divine favor (essentially equal to fighter w/ ftr str 3, grtr weapon focus and weapon spec.) -

58 AC w/ CE but no chattering ring

10 base
14 white dragon armor
09 +5 mith tower shield
05 dex (suggest daggertooth belt and dwarven armor mastery II for cheapest AP selection)
05 prot.
03 barkskin
02 chaosgaurd
01 dodge feat
04 aura
05 CE
= 58 AC 61 w/ just a barkskin pot and chattering ring

17 ranks (3 fighter levels give you the ability to max it!)
05 cha
04 GH
10 item (got a nifty +2 wisdom +10 intimidate helm to condense some slots)
01 fighter intimidate 1
37 w/ a little wiggle room you could push it over 40 depending on gear

P.S. fighter and paly levels conveniently fit perfectly for AC currently at level 14 -
7-7 F/P gives you +3 aura and +2 tower shield mastery
11-3 F/P gives you +2 aura and +3 tower shield mastery
3-11 F/P gives you +4 aura and +1 tower shield mastery

I chose to go w/ 11/3 paly/fighter because it would mean a less overall needed dex (I started w/ 14 +6 item = 20 (+5) = mith tower shield +1 tower shield mastery opposed to I guess 16 +6 item +2 favor/raid tome (if you can't get either of these you would need to start w/ 17 dex to get 24) for a +5 mith tower shield and mastery III thats 7 more build points...)