View Full Version : Video Issues - Major Issue

08-26-2007, 10:14 AM
I just purchased and installed DDO yesterday, this problem has been occurring every time I login.

After about 10-60 minutes (happens randomly, but reliably every game session) my screen will freeze for about 2-4 seconds, then go black (monitor on) and the audio will cut out for another 2-4 seconds, then the monitor will turn off and nothing will happen until I reboot. Also, alt-tabbing and cntrl+alt+delete does not work during the crash.

So a hard-reboot is needed, and that stinks big time.

My computer is about 18 months old, has an AMD Athlon 3000+ with 1.5GB DDR 3200, an ATI x850 Pro (256MB AGP) and plenty of free hard drive space on the 120GB IDE disc... all drivers are recent.

My computer has 1 large fan, as well as dedicated fans mounted on the video card and processor- I've considered overheating to be the issue and if this is the case I do have an extra port for an additional fan if need-be.

Also, I run DDO on a mixture of Medium (mostly Medium) to High graphical settings on my desktop's native 1280x1024 resolution.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the input, guys!