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08-25-2007, 10:27 AM
I am willing to negotiate with these prices just let me know. also willing to trade let me know what u can offer.

Ok looking for a +5 Mithril Full plate (medium) with some type of nice enhancement will trade for something or will pay you in plat. let me know.

Also looking for kardan's eye and some nice flachion and greatswords (human neutral good is wat i am).

Any Multiple items the price is per item. Most items are set prices but you may give me an offer and I may accept it (i will at least write back to you). I might be intrested in trades, let me know what you can offer and i will see wat i can do.

15k 6 Portable holes


2200k +2 WIS
2200k +2 CHA
60k +1 INT
60k +1 CHA X 3


375k +1 Vorpal Dwarven Axe of Shatter (rr halfling)
1000k +1 Vorpal Cold Iron Greatsword
600k +2 Vorpal Bastard Sword(rr halfling)
1000k +1 Vorpal Falchion Of Vertigo
1000k +2 Vorpal Flachion
1000k +1 Vorpal Scimitar of Shatter
1000k +1 Vorpal Longsword of Tendon Slice

200k +1 vicious Longsword of Disruption
200k +1 Frost Light Mace of Disruption
100k +1 Paralyzing Longsword
75k +1 Paralyzing Kukri of Pure Good(rr halfling)
90k +1 Paralyzing Heavy Crossbow
100k +2 Banishing Quarterstaff
180k +1 Paralyzing Byeshk Khopesh of Righteousness
150k +2 Paralyzing Heavy Mace (rr warforged)
80k +1 Paralyzing Heavy Crossbow of Power I
70k +1 Paralyzing Kukri of Pure Good
100k+1 Seeker Byeshk Scimitar of Greater Elemental Bane

Any below 65K
+1 Crippling Rapier of Puncturing
+1 Weakening Shortsword
+1 Weakening kama of Vertigo
+3 Anarchic Burst Shortsword of Puncturing(rr elf,drow)
+1 Weakening Flametouched Iron Battleaxe of Shatter
+2 Crippling Adamantine Dwarven Axe of Enfeebling
+3 Ghost Tough Dagger of Puncturing
+1 Crippling Scimitar of Destruction
+1 Anarchic Burst Longsword of Tendon Slice
+3 Spell Penetration VII Scepter

Any below 60k
+1 Holy Scimitar of Greater Magical Beast Bane
+3 Thundering Kama of Greater Human Bane
+1 Thundering Light Crossbow of Greater Evil Outsider Bane
+2 Flaming Burst Heavy Mace of Greater Orc Bane
+1 Light Mace of Greater Construct Bane
+3 Flaming Burst Light Mace of Lesser Undead Bane

Any Below 40K
+4 Thundering Light Mace of Pure Good
+1 True Chaos Dwarven Axe of Enfeebling
+4 Thundering Light Mace of Deception
+1 keen Heavy Crossbow of parrying
+3 Transmuting Warhammer of Weighted
+4 Schock Adamantine Dwarven Axe of Slowburst
+1 Bodyfeeder Longsword of Slowburst
+1 Seeker Greataxe of Vertigo
+3 Seeker Dwarven Axe of Vertigo
+2 Bodyfeeder Bastard Sword of Backstabbing
+2 Flaming Burst Light Mace of Parrying
+3 Superior Lightning Lore Light Mace of Minor Spell Penetration IV
+1 Frost Light Mace of Deception
+4 Ghost TOuch Light Mace of Pure Good
+2 Holy Burst Cold Iron Heavy Pick of Tendon Slice
+1 Ghost Touch Kama of Deception

Any below 10k
+2 Superior SOnic Lore Scepter of Spell Penetration II
+2 Spell Penetration VI Scepter
+2 superior Mending VI Scepter
+2 Superior Efficacy V Scepter


1500k Reaver's Ring
150k Reaver's Ring
250K Ring of the Djinn
150k Health Belt +6 CON(rr halfling)
175k Chaosgarde
175k Chaosgarde
175k Chaosgarde

Any below 20k
Striding Boots 25%
Dex Boots of Swimming +5 Dex +3 Swim
Dex Boots +5 Dex (rr human)
Dex Boots +5 Dex
Dex Gloves of Performing +4 dex +3 perform
Health Belt of Protectino from Evil +5 CON
Ogre Power Gloves of Shield of Faith +5 STR
Dex Gloves of Disabling +5 dex +3 disable device
Dex Gloves of Sustenance +5 dex +3 heal
Ogre Power Gloves +5 STR
Ogre Power Bracers +5 STR
Health Necklace of Bane +5 CON
Charismatic Cloak of Expeditious Retreat +5 CHA
Charismatic Cloak +5 CHA
Clever Goggles +5 INT (rr Human)
Clever Goggles +5 INT (rr dwarf)
Dexterous Ring of Sleep +5 DEX
Clever Ring of Ray of Enfeeblement +5 INT
Clever Crown of Eloquence +5 INT +3 Diplomacy
Wise Helm of Shield +5 WIS
Wise Helm of Listening +5 WIS +3 listen


Any below 35k
+5 Sacred Adamantine Tower Shield of Lesser Lightning
+5 Sacred light Mithral Shield of Stability
+5 Heavy Steel Shield of Light Fortification
+5 lesser Acid Guard Full Plate of Stability
+5 Full Plate
+5 Heavy Steel Shield of Lesser Acid Resistance

08-25-2007, 02:16 PM
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